Hosokawa Gen4 Stage Three: Control

Having control of your processes¬ – through consistently building up intelligence gathered from your plant operations – allows you to optimise them, meet your operating objectives and develop more effective and relevant Key Performance Indictators.

What can the Hosokawa Gen4 team do to help?

Our expert digital solutions team can transform your data into easy-to-understand, practical and dynamic sensor and control models, based on your specific KPIs and operating parameters.

These models allow you to maintain, evolve and improve the performance of your processes, equipment and systems to deliver tangible business benefits that lead to more lean manufacturing and, ultimately, greater profitability.

Uniquely, Hosokawa Gen4 sensor and control models are entirely bespoke and can be custom-built for your existing integrated processes or developed from our library of best practice KPIs and solutions to deliver advantages such as energy efficiency, improved consistency and yield and reduced defects.

Sensor and control models are flexible, to suit your requirements, and operate as open advisory or closed loop systems which are secure and configured to maintain equipment and system performance within predetermined operational limits.

How does Hosokawa Gen4 develop a robust sensor and control model?

Hosokawa Gen4 continually analyses input and output intelligence and compares the actual plant performance with the predicted performance offered by the data model.

The use of Edge-based analytics allows for quicker and more transparent decision-making when connected devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are used to manage production processes and asset performance in real time.

This kind of capability would lead to reductions in unplanned equipment downtime, or the avoidance of downtime altogether, as well as a quicker start-up time.

The combined digital and manufacturing expertise of the Hosokawa Gen4 team means we are able to calculate process equipment and systems settings by analysing important independent and dependant process variables to learn the dynamic relationships between them.

Concurrent control between multiple variables, more intelligent asset utilisation, better activity synchronisation and process flows mean we can facilitate the enhancement of outcomes, leading to superior process and asset performance, as well as increased product consistency and quality, even in the production of small batches.

What are the key advantages of Hosokawa Gen4 sensor and control modelling?

  • Bespoke, easy-to-follow, practical and dynamic models offer tangible production benefits
  • Transparent transition from traditional to intelligent manufacturing with full support
  • Unique modular solutions cause minimal disruption
  • Scalable Edge-based analytics lessen processing pressure on enterprise data management systems
  • Integration is at a pace of change to suit your unique challenges and requirements
  • Production processes are ‘de-risked’ due to better quality management
  • Reduction in supply chain dependencies
  • Operator intervention is less frequent and more targeted
  • Remote monitoring (ReMs) connectivity via smart devices allows for better delivery of improvement opportunities
Experience the Official Hosokawa Gen4 ReMs App in Demo Mode

To see how sensor and control modelling could help your production processes and asset performance, our technology experts have created a demo version of the Hosokawa Gen4 ReMs App, specifically for process manufacturers to see how the technology could work for their business.

The demo version can be downloaded for free via the iTunes Store or on Google Play. Simply click here to download your preferred version.

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