Aerospace & Space

Leading the way in world-leading powder-handling and containment technology for more than a century, Hosokawa Micron is ideally placed to assist the aerospace and space industries, both with industrial processing operations and cutting-edge development projects.
Aerospace Industry

Hosokawa Micron offers a wide range of containment equipment that has been created in collaboration with leading aerospace companies to meet the specific requirements of the industry. Our specialist equipment is designed to be used for metalworking and precision engineering purposes. Within the equipment portfolio is our versatile fettling booths, which are designed to reduce operator exposure to the harmful airborne metal and/or paint dust and swarf created from producing painted and non-painted aeroplane and helicopter parts and panels. Offering features such as HEPA filters and performance monitoring software, the fettling booths come in a wide range of sizes and configurations and have the option of being ATEX compliant.

Equally wide-ranging is our portfolio of bespoke downflow booths, which offer the highest levels of operator protection and containment when performing metalworking tasks. Designed to integrate equipment such as fettling jigs, Hosokawa Micron downflow booths can be exclusively designed and engineered to meet customer requirements and are perfect for the production of larger metal parts and panels. They can also be fitted with our unique Hosokawa Gen4 intelligent technology for remote monitoring of the equipment, if required.

Space Industry

With deep space exploration projects and the emergence of the space travel industry gathering pace, our highly specialist containment equipment expertise has become an invaluable asset to cross-nation development projects.

Ground-based experiments – using equipment exclusively designed, engineered and manufactured by Hosokawa Micron – are part of a project exploring the capability of being able to produce food in space, critical for long-term space missions and self-sustainable habitats on planets such as Mars.

We have successfully developed sophisticated environmental containment chambers and pilot plant systems, collaborating with some of the world’s leading scientists, academics and space experts to realise the potential of feasible, efficient and reliable life support systems by creating a gastight habitat which allows experiments to be conducted in a highly controlled environment.

Aerospace & Space Industry

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