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Frequently Asked Questions

Hosokawa’s containment solutions can be delivered as standard equipment or as a bespoke solution that can be integrated of our intercompany equipment such as milling and mixing solutions and we can also integrate any Hosokawa equipment into your existing production processes. Our containment equipment is manufactured to the highest standards to comply with any food, chemical/span>, pharma, or nuclear requirements.

Our containment solutions are engineered with specific safety features to prioritize worker safety and exceed environmental compliance standards, creating a secure working environment. By maintaining employee exposures within acceptable limits and protecting the environment, we cater to products requiring complex handling, such as highly potent compounds. Our use of appropriate containment technologies in manufacturing environments ensures safe powder handling operations and compliance with all safety and regulatory requirements.

Hosokawa’s containment solutions serve a broad spectrum of industries, most notably pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, cosmetics, minerals, nuclear, and battery sectors, ensuring the safe handling and processing of materials within controlled environments. These solutions are tailored for a variety of applications across these fields, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and compliance with industry standards.

Our containment solutions are developed with a keen focus on environmental sustainability and full compliance with relevant regulations. We fully comply with CE and UKCA regulatory requirements and our equipment is built to ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO14001 standards. We design and manufacture containment solutions up to OEB level 6 and in accordance with the latest EU GMP ANNEX 1 regulations so that our clients can comply with sterile manufacturing guidelines.

Please have a look at our Containment Pyramid, it provides companies with a guide to assess the level of containment, needed to handle hazardous products.

Yes, our containment solutions are customizable to accommodate the unique needs and requirements of different manufacturing processes and facilities.

Carried out on-site by Hosokawa Micron, in accordance with ISPE Guidelines, leak testing and Operator Exposure Level (OEL) testing enable you to benefit from our specialist containment expertise and an in-depth understanding of your containment requirements at all stages of construction.

Testing is initially carried out at Hosokawa Micron prior to equipment installation during Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), while Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) are made in-situ following installation of your equipment. Performed by our expert air monitoring-trained and IOSH certified industrial chemists, OEL testing will ensure your containment equipment meets legal requirements for safe operation, not only before and after installation, but also whenever operational changes are made.

For additional reassurance, sample analysis is undertaken by an independent laboratory.

The materials of construction (MOC) are 304 or 316L stainless steel. Additionally, the materials used for gaskets and manipulative devices are FDA compliant and compatible with the materials being processed, ensuring both safety and effectiveness in our containment solutions

Maintenance requirements are minimal, and regular servicing is recommended to ensure optimal performance. Our team can provide detailed maintenance guidelines as well as recommend spare parts lists. We also offer regular maintenance and service contracts to de-risk your operations and guarantee a smooth operation of your equipment.

Developing the practical skills and knowledge of your in-house operator and maintenance teams is vital to ensure consistent performance of your plant and equipment, now and for the future. Hosokawa Micron can provide tailor-made training at your manufacturing plant, built around your team’s specific needs and equipment. We can also offer refresher and update courses when required. With a global network of sister companies and representations around the world we will be able to support Hosokawa equipment throughout its lifespan with regular maintenance and servicing as well as OEM spare parts.

Our containment solutions are designed for seamless integration with existing manufacturing processes, minimizing disruptions and optimizing efficiency. Our sales team in cooperation with our in-house engineering department will be able to help you tailor any containment solution to your specific requirements. With our vast international experience we will be able to provide solutions to locations anywhere in the world.

Compatibility is a key consideration in our design process, and our containment solutions are engineered to integrate seamlessly with a variety of equipment commonly used in manufacturing facilities.

Our containment solutions incorporate advanced features to prevent contamination and cross-contamination, ensuring the integrity of the manufacturing process and the final product. This vastly depends on the application and the manufacturing process.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is a rapidly evolving industry to meet increasing demand for new products, most working with hazardous materials which provide challenging manufacturing control, with danger to the operator handling process.

Hosokawa has responded to this market demand, by carrying out extensive R&D on our products contained solutions.

The lead time for delivery and installation varies depending on project specifics. Our team can provide a detailed timeline upon project assessment. Standard “off the shelf designs” can be offered on shorter delivery timescales.

Our containment solutions typically come with a comprehensive warranty to protect your investment. Details of the warranty coverage are provided upon purchase. Planned and preventative maintenance and servicing packages are also available to keep equipment in optimum condition.

Yes, we can provide references and case studies from satisfied customers who have successfully implemented our containment solutions in their facilities.


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