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Hosokawa Micron brings a wealth of powder processing expertise to a variety of industries worldwide.

Experts for Containment and Processing Technologies

Award-winning Hosokawa Micron has been manufacturing market-leading containment and processing equipment and systems for over a century – including downflow booths, gloveboxes, isolators, mills and mixers – and is trusted by some of the world’s largest companies from sectors such as chemicals, pharma, nuclear, food and cosmetics.

Respected worldwide as a full-service expert in powder processing, Hosokawa Micron’s services encompass laboratory trials, powder testing, contract manufacturing, design studies, equipment and process systems manufacture, commissioning and lifecycle services, while its skilled digital strategy solutions team and ground-breaking software brand, Hosokawa Gen4, are leading the way for processing customers transitioning from traditional to data-driven manufacturing.

Examples of Food Applications

Agar-Agar, Barley, Beans, Beta-Glucane, Bran, Carrageenan, Carob, Chickpeas, Chocolate Crumb, Cocoa Nibs, Cocoa press cake, Coffee, Fish food & fish meal, Gelatine, Guar, Insects, Lactose, Lentils, Locust bean gum, Lupins, Oat, Peas, Pectin, Soybeans, Sugar, Sugar replacer, Sunflower seeds, Starch, Tobacco, Vanilla, Wheat

and many more…

More from Hosokawa Micron

To discover more about our processing and containment equipment from Hosokawa Micron, please get in touch or click below to view the products.

In-house contract manufacturing

Powders, particles and solids are processed to GMP and ISO 9001:2015 standards for wide-ranging manufacturing industries, from pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, fine chemicals, additive manufacturing and advanced materials, to food and beverages, cosmetics and personal care. To learn more about our contract manufacturing services, please click here.

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