Powder Processing

Pioneering Powder Processing for more than a century.

With centuries of combined experience, we at Hosokawa Micron, understand the complexities of powder processing. Whether you’re looking for particle size reduction, blending techniques, drying, grinding, or agglomeration, we have the right solution for your product and your business.

Why Powder Processing Matters to us.

Powder processing is the bridge between raw materials and your final product. It determines particle size, uniformity, flowability, and more – all of which are crucial for product quality, consistency, and performance. With our customised powder processing technologies, we ensure your materials benefit from decades of experience with all kinds of powders, resulting in optimal outcomes for any application.

Our Diverse Product Portfolio

We’re not just experts in powder processing, we are a globally recognised market leader in the concept, design and manufacture of bespoke powder, particle, liquid and vapour processing equipment and systems for multiple purposes, such as size reduction, drying, grinding, mixing, blending, agglomeration and compaction. Our comprehensive portfolio also features standard and bespoke containment equipment, including gloveboxes/isolators, downflow booths, horizontal laminar flow booths and systems for filling and weighing, as well as drum and container bulk handling.

Trusted Across Industries

Our track record speaks for itself. Major blue-chip companies within industries as varied as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food & beverages, cosmetics, minerals, renewable energy, and even nuclear have placed their trust in our expertise. They rely on our advanced technologies to achieve exceptional quality, efficiency and reliability.

Discover the World of Hosokawa Micron




To meet growing requirements for protection and product isolation and integrity, Hosokawa Micron has pioneered the development of a variety of robust containment technologies for the handling and processing of hazardous materials. Within our containment portfolio, we can deliver booth, isolators and filling/weighing solutions to suit your production needs.

Size Reduction & Air Classification

We offer one of the largest ranges of size reduction equipment and can deliver standard or bespoke solutions, with a variety of machines and turnkey systems.

Agglomeration & Compaction

The agglomeration technologies and equipment offered by Hosokawa are designed to improve the handling qualities of powders, dusts, and slurries, and to provide the most advantageous technical and economical solutions.

Mixing & Blending

Our wide range of innovative mixing equipment and technologies for powder processing, pastes, slurries and liquids extends from lab and plant units to full scale production mixers and systems.


We have developed an advanced portfolio of processing technologies and equipment for drying and cooling a range of substances, such as granules, powders, pastes and slurries.

Laboratory & Pilot Plant

We are a leader in powder processing and particle technology solutions and offers a range of specialist laboratory equipment for powder analysis, research, testing and small-scale powder processing trials. This is along with an extensive portfolio of laboratory and pilot scale machines developed from our collection of machinery for grinding, milling, mixing, drying and classifying.

Research & Development

We offer a comprehensive range of laboratory-scale containment, processing and analytics equipment for research and development purposes. As more direct, economical and faster routes to market have become prerequisites for new product development in competitive manufacturing sectors, an efficient, economical and cutting-edge R&D phase is becoming critical for success.


We lead the way in nano particle production technology by combining expertise in traditional powder processing with particle design and new powder characteristics.  The chemistry and physics of nanotechnology present the opportunity to generate a range of new particles, the properties and characteristics of which can be selectively controlled by engineering to deliver performance quite different from that of micron sized particles.

Hosokawa ON - Advanced Battery Materials

We are at the heart of process technology innovation to produce and recycle battery materials for a cleaner, healthier planet.


Discover our range of high-performance powder processing technologies

Isolators and Gloveboxes
The development of increasingly potent pharmaceutical products and potentially toxic materials and chemicals has led to the need for increased operator protection from exposure to harmful dusts.
Filling & Weighing Systems
Tailor-made solutions from Hosokawa Micron for dust-free packing and weighing of hazardous and non-hazardous bulk powders, granules and liquids
ACM Air Classifier Mill
With the impressive pedigree of being the first classifier mill on the market in the 1960s the Mikro ACM can be found in thousands of installations across the world in the minerals, cosmetics, plastics, powder coatings, food, and confectionery industries.
NAUTA® Conical Screw Mixer
The versatile Hosokawa Micron BV Nauta® Conical Screw Mixer is a true processing icon, globally famous for gently batch mixing, heating, cooling, drying and moistening perfectly blended, free-flowing powders and pastes.
Conical Paddle Dryer
The versatile Conical Paddle Dryer by Hosokawa Micron offers extremely fast batch drying in a compact design and is available in a range of sizes, from 5 to 15,000 litres.
Kompaktor ARC HK Roller Press
The Hosokawa Alpine Compaction roller presses are specifically designed for the chemical and mineral industry.
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