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Hosokawa Micron brings a wealth of powder processing expertise to the highly specialised production of plant-based food.
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Proteins are an essential part of the human diet and demand is increasing dramatically as the world’s population grows. This demand can no longer be met solely by animal proteins. Vegetable protein, on the other hand, is adaptable and compatible with a vegetarian or vegan diet. As a result, alternative protein sources will become increasingly important in meeting the population’s protein needs.

Plant-based proteins, which are primarily derived from wheat, soy, peas, lentils, or other pulses, are one such alternative source of protein. Protein shifting (or dry fractionation) was developed to make the best use of their protein content.

The ultra-fine grinding and subsequent classifying results in fractions with significantly higher protein content than the starting material. These high-protein, high-starch special flours are then used to make vegan burger patties, lupine cutlets, and a variety of other plant-based foods.

Hosokawa Micron Process Components

We can cover additional process components for protein shifting in collaboration with our Hosokawa Micron Group partners:

Multiprocessing system: The multiprocessing system is a mobile and highly adaptable concept in which various mill / classifier types can be integrated into a single system. As a result, switching between the required units is simple.

Blending: The Nauta conical screw mixer from our Dutch partner Hosokawa Micron B.V. is ideal for delicate product processing, providing gentle mixing without product distortion and consistent product quality. The CPM conical paddle mixer is a multi-purpose mixer designed for processes requiring high accuracy and fast mixing with minimal product distortion.

Steam sterilisation: The Conical Paddle Dryer from Hosokawa Micron B.V. ensures optimal removal of all pathogenic organisms and germs with minimal risk of product distortion or loss of colour and taste.

Agglomeration: The Flexomix agglomeration system from Hosokawa Micron B.V. consists of a flexible mixing chamber with an external roller massage system for self-cleaning. The addition of minimal liquid during agglomeration optimally shortens the subsequent drying step (in the fluid bed). As a result, the Flexomix consumes less energy and saves money on investment.

Flash drying: Hosokawa Micron B.V.’s DMR Flash Dryer provides the optimal right drying process to extend shelf life and protect characteristics such as digestibility and mouthfeel, as well as the nutritional value and quality of the protein powder.

Conveying, storage, dosing, and weighing: Throughout the manufacturing process, proteins must be conveyed, stored, dosed, and weighed multiple times. Our partner Hosokawa Solids has the appropriate technologies for these process steps.

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Protein shifting and plant based proteins

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