To meet growing requirements for protection and product isolation and integrity, Hosokawa Micron has pioneered the development of a variety of robust containment technologies for the handling and processing of hazardous materials.

Used extensively in industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, food, nuclear and defence, containment enclosures are increasingly being used in other industries and in varied applications where safe working environments and clean processing and pristine products are demanded.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the growth in demand for more powerful drugs and increasingly potent active ingredients, along with the demand for pristine products, has led to a need to safeguard and protect both the product and the manufacturing operators. Covering the full range of Occupational Exposure Limits, glovebox designs from Hosokawa Micron ensures safe, contained and clean working environments for the processing and handling of potentially hazardous substances.

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Within our containment portfolio, we can deliver booth, isolators and filling/weighing solutions to suit your production needs.

Bespoke engineered powder processing equipment

Hosokawa Micron also leads the market in the development of bespoke engineered powder processing equipment for integration within containment enclosures, as well as the design, manufacture, and installation of ultra-high containment facilities capable of achieving nanogram containment levels.

For more information about containment technologies and products from Hosokawa Micron, please get in touch to find the right solution for you.

Containment FAQs

Discover key information related to our Containment products and associated services. In our comprehensive FAQs you will find essential information helping you make informed decisions on our Containment solutions.


Discover our range of high-performance containment equipment

Downflow Booth
Recirculation and single pass Downflow Booths from Hosokawa Micron offer safe working zones for operators handling potent, toxic and sensitizing powders, liquids and solvents
Flexible Compact Isolator
Use the Flexible Compact Isolator (FCI) as a single work station or join to other units to create a complex, multi-cell solution with individual activities contained within each unit.
Isolators and Gloveboxes
The development of increasingly potent pharmaceutical products and potentially toxic materials and chemicals has led to the need for increased operator protection from exposure to harmful dusts.
Nanoparticle Containment Isolator
Designed to ensure operator protection from potentially hazardous materials and ensure product integrity Hosokawa Micron offer a range of high containment options suitable for use in the manufacture and handling of nano powders.
Filling & Weighing Systems
Tailor-made solutions from Hosokawa Micron for dust-free packing and weighing of hazardous and non-hazardous bulk powders, granules and liquids
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