Optimisation Upgrades

Future-proofing your equipment, intelligent manufacturing and digital strategy solutions

Factors such as sophisticated new technology, Industry 4.0, the increasing requirement to be more competitive, agile and efficient, advances in mechanical engineering design and a growing awareness by manufacturers of their responsibility to the environment are powering a shift towards optimisation.

In a manufacturing environment, the shift towards optimisation encompasses a variety of solutions, including the hardware enhancements associated with the processing equipment itself, as well as the integration of the intelligent software required to optimise the overall manufacturing process at your plant.

Any optimisation strategy will include a measure of investment. When new equipment is not part of the plan, ensuring your existing equipment is as efficient as possible is the next best thing. Upgrading parts or introducing additions can increase energy efficiencies by helping to meet low-energy standards, reducing your carbon footprint, ensuring your business is being kinder to the planet and bringing down your production costs, savings that can be utilised to improve the productivity and processes of your plant.

Hosokawa Micron has, for more than a century, been a market-leading particle and process equipment manufacturer. For more than a decade we have implemented Industry 4.0 practices into our own business – practices that we are confident to share with existing and new customers. Our digital strategy solutions and tailor-made intelligent software, Hosokawa Gen4, will enable you to integrate the latest smart manufacturing concepts and techniques into your own factory of the future.

Optimisation Hardware: Parts upgrades & support

If investing in new equipment is not viable at the moment, the option to upgrade your current Hosokawa Micron equipment could help to extend the life of your equipment, future-proof your business and allow you to remain competitive in the interim.

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