Food & Beverage

Hosokawa has developed a range of food processing machinery and equipment that allows for highly automated manufacture of high-quality foodstuffs.

From laboratory and pilot plant equipment to full-scale continuous and batch production plant, Hosokawa Micron offers a comprehensive portfolio of tailor-made processing equipment and bespoke system solutions for food and beverage ingredients and products.

Our energy-efficient, high-performance solutions for food manufacturing are designed to economically and flexibly handle a truly vast array of expensive and, often, challenging raw ingredients and materials – such as those that are oily, fatty, fibrous, brittle, heat-sensitive and acidic. The diverse product portfolio encompasses milling, mixing, agglomeration and compaction, drying, classification and size reduction equipment, along with containment products such as Downflow Booths, Filling and Weighing Systems and Drum and Bulk Container Handling Equipment.

Proud Equipment and Product Collaborators

Hosokawa Micron is an extremely well-known equipment brand in the worldwide food and beverage industry, and we are proud to work directly with many global food and drinks manufacturers. Our wide-ranging expertise includes technical services that allow us to collaborate with manufacturers and develop new, innovative products that meet evolving consumer trends. We are delighted to have been involved with helping to create and bring to market some of the world’s best-loved chocolate bars, cake decorating products, instant foods and drinks, bakery products, ready meals, nutritional supplements, flavourings and even animal feed.

From new product development (NPD), testing and in-house contract manufacturing, to design and feasibility studies, as well as our innovative tailor-made equipment design and process solutions – engineered using the very latest digital technology – the team at Hosokawa Micron Ltd offers the breadth of first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge to bring new and improved food and beverage products to market quickly and economically, providing versatile, technology-laden processing equipment and system solutions that offer maximum commercial advantage in this most competitive, fast-paced industry.

Food and Beverage

Hosokawa Micron offers a wide range of processing equipment and containment solutions for the food and beverage industry, please get in touch or click below to view the products.

Animal Feed

The production capacities required in the animal feed industry are very high in comparison to other industrial sectors. Animal feed is also distinguished by the ways in which its various bulk densities, particle sizes, textures, melting points, and solubilities improve performance. Through process-technological steps like grinding and extrusion, these parameters are standardised and optimised.


Many highly technical steps are involved in the processing of cocoa from the bean to the final application in chocolate, instant beverages, and confectionery. The Hosokawa Micron Group covers another broad area of cocoa processing, including alkalisation, lecithinisation, and instant-agglomeration.

Confectionery & Snacks

Whether it’s cocoa, sugar, thickening agents, artificial sweeteners, pectin or modified starch for the production of confectionery items including fruit gums, chewable medicated sweets, chocolate and pralines, Hosokawa Micron’s versatile ranges of milling, size reduction, compaction and containment equipment are ideal for small batch or large-scale production of ingredients including fine powders, granules and liquids.

Dairy & Lactose

Lactose and dairy product production presents a number of challenges, ranging from grinding to pulverising. Some of them are hygienic design, excellent cleanability, and low contamination risk. Furthermore, because there is a high risk of explosion, the machines and systems must be developed in accordance with international guidelines and standards. Hosokawa Micron is aware of these challenges and has developed appropriate solutions for the manufacturing of lactose and dairy products.

Protein Shifting & Enrichment

Because they are essential, proteins must be a part of every human diet. The demand for protein is rising dramatically as a result of the increase in global population. Animal proteins alone can no longer satisfy this demand. On the other hand, vegetable protein is adaptable and compatible with a vegetarian or vegan diet. In order to meet the population’s protein needs, alternative sources of protein will be more and more crucial. Plant-based proteins, which are typically derived from wheat, soy, peas, lentils, or other pulses, are one such alternative source of protein. Protein shifting, also known as dry fractionation, was created to make the best use of their protein content.

Spices & Herbs

Spices and herbs are natural products, and mechanical processing only modifies their shape while minimising any adverse effects. One of the most challenging applications of size reduction technology is the successful processing of spices and herbs, which has complex requirements on the processing chain.

Thickening Agents

The Hosokawa Group has a substantial body of knowledge regarding the production and processing of thickening agents made from both animal and vegetable sources.


Claims that it can prevent colon cancer, control blood glucose level and aid digestion make it of significant dietary and health interest, while sustainable farming and harvesting have led to further recognition of seaweed as a ‘futurefood’.


Starch is a crucial binding agent for sauces, soups, sweets, liquorice, ice cream, and other foods in the food industry. It is utilised in the chemical industry as a stiffening agent for paper and textiles as well as glue. Raw starch is industrially altered to become more soluble in (cold) water, transform into other sugars like dextrose and fructose, or even serve as a base for sweeteners. However, transferral into glucose products is one of the most common food applications.

Sugar & Sweeteners

Sweeteners are processed in a variety of ways due to their diversity. Size reduction technology faces challenges ranging from high throughput rates for household sugar to uniform particle sizes for sugar blends to sugar conditioning for shelf-stable icing sugar.

Other Applications

HOSOKAWA MICRON Group offers customised solutions for the processing of powders and bulk materials in the food industry, including pre-grinding, fine and ultra-fine grinding, classifying, mixing, drying, and compacting.

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