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Leaders in powder processing and particle technology solutions, Hosokawa Micron offer a range of specialist powder analysis equipment.

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This is along with an extensive portfolio of laboratory and pilot scale machines developed from our collection of machinery for grinding, milling, mixing, drying and classifying.

As demands rise for faster and more direct routes to market, Hosokawa Micron’s ability to offer a range of laboratory analytical and small scale equipment is increasingly important in ensuring optimum solutions to differing processing problems and cost effective new product development.

Small scale equipment is readily available across mixing, milling, classifying, compacting, drying and containment technologies which means when a process is scaled up to full production from laboratory trials the same equipment can be used.

With small scale equipment suitable for processing, from a few kilos to a few grams, and capable of processing materials in the nano size fineness range, Hosokawa Micron’s laboratory scale equipment is much in demand for research establishments undertaking groundbreaking developments in powder processing technologies and particle design.

A separate range of powder analysis equipment is also available; offering accurate and repeatable sizing and measuring of powder and particle characteristics. Utilised extensively in Quality Assurance testing and in particle design this range of equipment features some of the industry standard units for powder performance measuring.

For further information about our laboratory and pilot scale machines, please get in touch today or view relevant products below.

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