An extensive heritage in supporting particle and powder processing activities across a wide range of industries.

Hosokawa Micron upholds a strong reputation for the very best in engineering design, manufacturing excellence and processing expertise. Our engineers work with the customers of Hosokawa Micron to create swift routes to market and distinct competitor advantages.

Our work supports a number of industries including:

Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Agrochemical, Cosmetics, Food, Confectionery, Pigments, Plastics, Toners, Minerals, Metal Powders, Rubber, Nuclear, Ceramics and Recycling.

  • Rubber

    Hosokawa Micron has a long and successful heritage of supplying unique processing machinery and systems into the rubber industry under the Hosokawa Micron Milling brand name.

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  • Powder Coatings

    Hosokawa Micron are able to supply powder processing equipment for a wide range of fine grinding and classification applications that deliver consistent, one pass particle size reduction in the range 15 – 35µ or even finer.

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  • Ceramics

    Hosokawa Micron can offer a wide range of equipment to process extremely hard, high-tech ceramic materials of any kind to maximum contamination free, powder fineness.

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  • Nuclear

    Hosokawa Micron Ltd has been providing process engineering services, equipment and integrated systems to customers in the nuclear industries for many years.

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  • Toner Engineering

    From raw material to powder, we can offer complete toner engineering and powder processing technologies from ultrafine size reduction to classification, agglomeration and mixing.

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  • Soap & Detergents

    Soap and detergent manufacture consists of several key processing operations which Hosokawa Micron have extensive experience in developing, including drying, agglomeration, classifying and mixing.

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  • Minerals

    Hosokawa Micron manufactures complete powder processing systems for the production of high grade mineral powders based on the principles of reliability and low operational costs.

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  • Food

    Hosokawa has developed a range of food processing machinery and equipment that allows for highly automated manufacture of high-quality foodstuffs.

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  • Agrochemicals

    Hosokawa Micron offers a number of processing solutions that are suitable for the production of agrochemicals in a range of fine particle sizes and dispersible granule forms.

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  • Pharmaceutical

    As one of our key business sectors, Hosokawa Micron have invested significantly in the development of our technology, expertise, and services in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

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  • Chemicals

    Hosokawa Micron has a proud heritage of designing and manufacturing particle and powder processing equipment specifically for the chemicals industry.

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