Dairy & Lactose

Hosokawa Micron brings a wealth of powder processing expertise to the highly specialised production of dairy and lactose applications.

Hosokawa Micron specialises in providing the best mechanical and sanitary designs for the dairy industry and is an expert in unusual powder processing technology combinations.

As one of its main applications in the manufacture of infant formula, lactose must fulfil the highest purity standards in manufacturing. The particle size distribution must be set as a function of comminution to ensure properties such as usability and solubility. Easy to clean systems with highest hygienic standards in mind provide our clients with care free solutions so they can concentrate on what they do best.

The food industry is one of our most important business sectors, and we have invested heavily in developing our technologies, expertise, and services in this area. This has resulted in a diverse range of laboratory, pilot plant, and full-scale installation equipment.

Customers can truly rely on our expertise: a century of dedicated research and development in powder processing technologies, thanks to our close relationship with the dairy industry and focused approach.

Dairy Powder Processing

Lactose must meet the highest purity standards because it is used in the production of infant formula powder. Systems with sanitary equipment design principles in mind that are simple to clean allow for a reservation-free production process. Simultaneously, the particle size distribution must be set as a function of comminution to ensure properties such as ease of use and solubility.


The Nauta Conical Screw Mixer

The batch mixer Nauta conical screw mixer is specially designed for segregative, free-flowing powders and pastes.

  • Heating, cooling, drying, mixing and moistening
  • Agitated hopper to feed dryers like fluid beds with or without back mixing
  • Very energy-efficient
  • Available from 2.5 liters up to 100,000 litres
  • ATEX approved


Fine impact and Classifier Mills

  • Mill, seals and bolted connections in hygienic design result in improved cleanability
  • Monobloc design: no dead spaces behind the grinding track and air supply ring
  • Inclined floor: defined drainage of the cleaning agent and no accumulation of water
  • Integrated cleaning nozzles and drainage inside the mill: absolutely ideal is that wet cleaning can be carried out without having to open or dismantle the system. This results in a lower risk of contamination.
  • No supply cables / wires in the process zone
  • Grinding chamber cover opens by up to 180° in order to guarantee better accessibility


Your advantages with the ACM in dairy design

  • The machine is extremely easy to clean
  • Reduction of the cleaning cycles: increased machine availability compared with conventional ACM mills
  • Lower contamination risk compared with conventional ACM mills



Dairy & Lactose Industry

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In-house contract manufacturing

Powders, particles and solids are processed to GMP and ISO 9001:2015 standards for wide-ranging manufacturing industries, from pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, fine chemicals, additive manufacturing and advanced materials, to food and beverages, cosmetics and personal care. To learn more about our contract manufacturing services, please click here.

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