The Hosokawa Gen4 Methodology

Hosokawa Gen4 is a sophisticated, intelligent and user-friendly digital ‘toolkit’ that utilises an easy-to-follow Understand, Monitor, Control methodology to continuously convert real-time data from smart sensors and controls into a flexible, secure and scalable processing solution for data-driven manufacturing.
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Stage One: Understand

Revolutionise your supply chains, production processes and business models by gaining an in-depth, evidence-based, understanding of your current processes, throughput and quality variations.

Stage Two: Monitor

The capability to proactively access multiple streams of live data from your equipment and process systems, whether remotely or directly at their locations, is a tangible way to empower your operators and processing team.

Stage Three: Control

Having control of your processes­ – through consistently building up intelligence gathered from your plant operations – allows you to optimise them, meet your operating objectives and develop more effective and relevant Key Performance Indictators.

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