Hosokawa Gen4 Stage One: Understand

Revolutionise your supply chains, production processes and business models by gaining an in-depth, evidence-based, understanding of your current processes, throughput and quality variations.

Learn how complex interactions are affecting your manufacturing performance and devise robust decision-making systems to support performance improvement.

This first phase involves no capital expenditure but allows you to review advanced manufacturing strategies to maximise the return on investment of implementing Industry 4.0 technology to transform your business operations, growth or both.

What can the Hosokawa Gen4 team do to help?

 Hosokawa Gen4 integrates information technology and operations technology to identify, target and improve your key areas for performance improvement.

By blending the skills and wide-ranging experience of our process engineers and digitalisation experts with in-depth analysis of your historic plant performance data, Hosokawa Gen4 can help you to resolve processing issues and make informed real-time decisions.

The Hosokawa Gen4 team and technology will achieve this by:

  • Individually benchmarking your equipment and system processes to identify and quantify the major influences of your plant’s performance and where your operations are underperforming
  • Analysing the root causes of your equipment and process system’s poor or abnormal performance to make ‘best practice’ recommendations
  • Recognising explicit opportunities for immediate, ‘quick-win’ process improvements
  • Detecting and troubleshooting the causes of processing bottlenecks in order to remove them
  • Quantifying potential benefits from plant optimisation
  • Helping you to decide how and when to implement changes to get the most out of your existing plant while freeing up time and resources


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