Bextruder ABX

Part of Hosokawa Micron Group’s Agglomeration and Compaction range, the adaptable Bextruder ABX is a highly effective stainless-steel basket extruder for low-pressure extrusion of previously milled material into high-quality, dust-free and dispersible granulate or cylindrical, dust-free pellets with a large surface area and diameter of between 0.3mm and 3mm.

The user-friendly Bextruder ABX offers effortless, simple and highly efficient processing, pushing material through the perforations of the chosen screen basket to create granulate or pellets with a number of quality advantages, such as easy dispersibility, a porous structure, good deformation properties and improved handling and dosing characteristics.

Hosokawa Micron Group is the preferred supplier of high-performance process systems to leading global manufacturers from the demanding agrochemicals industry and when used as part of a Flexomix high-speed agglomeration system, the Bextruder ABX is the perfect solution for energy-efficient manufacturing of high-quality water-dispersible granules for crop protection products such as fungicides, pesticides and herbicides. The versatile Bextruder ABX is also suitable for making powder-based household detergent products in addition to human-grade and challenging animal-grade food products.

Easy and quick to clean and maintain, the Bextruder ABX range comprises five models, the largest of which can typically process up to 3,200kgs per hour, while the smallest model typically processes a minimum of 80kgs per hour.

Product Information

The Bextruder is a low-pressure basket extruder machine which produces granulate with a loose, porous structure and large surface area.

The Bextruder ABX is a compact piece of extrusion equipment currently available in a range of five models, which between them, are capable of typically processing between 80kg and 3,200kg of material per hour. For convenience, this user-friendly extruder has screen baskets that can be easily changed, while the diameters of its nozzle range from 0.3mm to 3mm.

Optional Features

  • Flexomix
  • Fluid bed dryer
  • Additional rotors
  • Additional screen baskets with various hole diameters
  • Outside rotating cutting knife
  • Vibration discharge chute
  • Rotation disc for product discharge
  • Blow-off ring for product cooling and separation

The Hosokawa Alpine Bextruder ABX presses previously milled materials into easily dispersible granulate or loose, porous pellets by a method of low-pressure extrusion using easily changeable screen baskets. This method also helps to improve the material’s handling and dosing properties. Typical end products include drinks powders, sauces, soups, detergent powders, fish food, fish meal and pesticides.

  • Robust, compact extruder, typically constructed from stainless-steel
  • Processes a variety of materials, including chemicals and food ingredients
  • Produces loose, porous pellets with a large surface area
  • Dust-free, free-flowing granulate material is easily dispersible
  • User-friendly and easy to change the screen basket
  • Standard capacities (throughput between 80kg and 3,200kg per hour)
  • Simple design is easy to clean and maintain
  • Custom-made agglomeration and compaction systems available
  • Laboratory-scale in-house feasibility tests
  • In-house pilot-scale tests (up to 6,000 litres)
  • Product trial documentation
  • Full testing and validation service, including FATs
  • Document packs for certification and materials traceability
  • Full operating manuals supplied
  • Site installation, commissioning and maintenance service

Hosokawa Alpine’s robust and effective Bextruder ABX for soft product densification uses low-pressure extrusion to manufacture loose and porous pellets with a large surface area and excellent deformation properties, plus easily dispersible granulate. Depending on the required method of processing for the application, the resulting material has good dispersibility, compression and dissolution properties, perfect for a wide range of applications.

Material is introduced into the Bextruder ABX’s product chamber, where two counter-rotating rotors are housed one on top of the other. The upper rotor features baffle plates in an inclined position that efficiently and evenly convey the material downwards into the lower rotor, which densifies the material and pushes it through a cylindrical screen basket.

Conveniently, the rotor speeds are adjustable and can be independent of each other. For optimal performance and adjustability, the lower rotor is equipped with a measurement of torque.

The Bextruder ABX’s drive mechanism can be situated above or below the product chamber in a closed housing, depending on the application. For applications where the drive is positioned below the product extrusion chamber, product discharge occurs in conjunction with either a vibrating chute or with a rotation disc; if the drive is positioned above the product extrusion chamber, the processed material is gravity fed freely into the next processing stage, without the need for additional equipment such as the chute or disc.

Cleaning and exchange of the rotors and basket screen cylinders is very simple and quick, thanks to the Bextruder ABX’s easily accessible, user-friendly design. Downtime is, therefore, minimal with production able to restart in a very short space of time.

Hosokawa Alpine’s Bextruder ABX can be supplied as an individual piece of equipment but is more often supplied as part of a larger process system.

Very popular with the biggest players from the international agrochemicals industry, Hosokawa-brand Bextruder ABXs are often used in conjunction with a Hosokawa Micron Flexomix to manufacture high-quality, water-dispersible, pesticides for crop protection. Used for the high-speed agglomeration previously milled material prior to extrusion by the Bextruder ABX, the Flexomix is a well-proven, effective piece of equipment that produces uniformly consistent, evenly homogenised and humidified material with an open structure, good solubility and good flow characteristics.

The Flexomix is the perfect partner to the Bextruder ABX, which extrudes the Flexomix’s processed particles into dry, cylindrical-shaped pellets or granules using an orifice plate (or screen) with perforations of around 1-3mm. Extrusion of the particles takes place at a low pressure, meaning the material remains quite porous and disperses well.

The high quality and perfect moisture content of the original agglomerated material ensures maximum yield and greatly reduces the chances of the Bextruder ABX becoming clogged. In addition, the use of a Flexomix can increase the capacity of the Bextruder ABX by up to 35%.

A custom-made fluid bed dryer can also be incorporated into a process system for producing pesticides, enabling the production of end products with high bulk density and a uniform particle size of around 0.7mm.

Bextruder ABX process systems aren’t solely used for the production of pesticides; they are also extremely popular in the production of products such as drinks powders, sauces, soups and household detergents such as washing powder.

For your peace of mind, as with all Hosokawa Micron Group process systems, we offer the latest, cutting-edge control and monitoring equipment to complement our high-performance Flexomix/ Bextruder ABX process systems, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of your Hosokawa processing equipment for many years to come.

In addition to extrusion equipment, Hosokawa Micron Group also designs and manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of other high-performance processing equipment and tailor-made process systems for the production of crop-protecting products (such as herbicides, pesticides and fungicides).

Technology for drying, mixing and blending, milling and classifying and agglomeration and compaction can be expertly chosen, designed and configurated to meet your specific requirements. And, because of the toxic and potentially explosive nature of many materials used for crop protection manufacturing, we also offer a portfolio of bespoke, industry-leading, containment equipment and process systems – such as Downflow Booths, Gloveboxes and Isolators, Filling and Weighing Systems, Fume Cupboards, Laminar Flow Booths and Horizontal Laminar Flow Booths – allowing us to provide complex complete systems with energy-efficient components, including explosion-proof equipment and processes that conform to the latest ATEX directives and have cutting-edge process controls and automation, full CIP solutions and special design options for sticky products and wear protection for abrasive materials, if required.

The extrusion method of processing raw materials into compressed shapes was introduced into manufacturing during the industrial revolution as the ambition to mass produce products using newly invented industrial machinery and techniques rapidly developed.

First patented in 1797 by Joseph Bramah for the purposes of manufacturing pipe from soft metals, the original extruder’s methods, technologies and possibilities for mass production extrusion swiftly developed during the 19th century to include a much wider range of metals and other materials.

By 1870, extrusion technology had been invented to facilitate the mass production of food, with sausages manufacturers being the first to adopt the new technology. Today, extrusion equipment supplied by Hosokawa Micron Group is responsible for the mass production of many food products, such as soups, drinks, sauces, fish food, animal feed etc.

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