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Horizontal Laminar Flow Booths

Technology Application

Hosokawa Micron Ltd is known internationally for designing and manufacturing a wide range of reliable, high-performance containment products, including Horizontal Laminar Flow Booths. Each individually designed booth or process system features advanced technology and is designed and manufactured to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety. Hosokawa Laminar Flow booths provide a controlled, once-through, non-turbulent airflow which is drawn through the rear wall perforated plenum and then into the integrated or remote mounted HEPA filter extraction unit. The continuous airflow ensures that operators can safely carry out operations whilst being protected from potentially harmful airborne dust and fumes.

For complete flexibility, our standard Horizontal Laminar Flow Booths are available in widths of up to four metres, but can be custom-built to any size, enabling the accommodation of a broad range of containers and processes, which can then be handled within the enclosure while the operator remains outside of it. For additional convenience, our Horizontal Laminar Flow Booths are available as fixed, portable and standalone versions and may be equipped with a wide range of optional features, equipment and accessories – such as filling and weighing systems, energy-efficient lighting, air handling units, integral fans and motor systems, as well as contained safe change filters. Additional manufacturing and processing equipment can be configured and zoned according to specific area classifications.

Product Information

Hosokawa Micron Horizontal Laminar Flow Booths protect operators, products and processes from dust and fumes through controlled, once-through and non-turbulent extraction

Laminar Flow Booth Specifications

Horizontal Laminar Flow Booths from Hosokawa Micron Ltd are tailormade, depending on customer needs and exact requirements, and can be supplied to any size and configuration, whether fixed, portable or as a standalone workstation.

Our expert containment team works in close collaboration with you to ensure we supply the most suitable clean air solution for your processing challenge, however simple or complex it may be. We have decades of first-hand experience designing, engineering and manufacturing high-performance, industry-leading containment and processing solutions, and work with a number of industries that deal with hazardous and potent materials on a daily basis, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, nuclear and defence.

Custom-built from long-lasting materials, such as coated mild steel or stainless steel (depending on requirements), our high-performance booths can be supplied individually, in multiple units or as part of a process system, and provide protection for the operator, the environment and the integrity of the material being processed. The individually designed solutions feature the latest technology, integrate a rear plenum chamber with air control valves and are engineered to be as user-friendly as possible while also being easy to clean and maintain to minimise the risk of contamination.

Additional features include energy-efficient internal lighting and integrated handheld tools, subject to customer requirements. We also offer a number of additional options that further enhance the functionality of the equipment – such as contained safe change filters and filling and weighing systems – and have the capability to zonally design the Horizontal Laminar Flow Booth to accommodate various processes and equipment to ensure compliance to internationally recognised safety standards.

The Horizontal Laminar Flow Booth allows operators to safely perform processing tasks from outside the booth – in contrast to a Downflow Booth, where operators handle materials from within the confines of the booth. The flexible nature of the equipment means it can be utilised by a wealth of manufacturing industries to protect operators and the environment from any particles and fumes that may be generated by manufacturing processes – such as charging and discharging, filling and weighing, drum tipping, inspection and dispensing, vacuum transfer and liquid and solvent pumping – while maintaining the highest levels of product integrity.

  • Bespoke or standard designs and sizes
  • High-quality stainless-steel or coated mild steel construction
  • User-friendly and ergonomically engineered
  • Excellent consistent and reliable performance
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Fixed, portable or standalone workstations
  • Guaranteed product integrity
  • High-level protection for the operator and environment
  • Energy-efficient using the latest technology
  • OELs down to <10µg/m³
  • Optional features and accessories
  • Non-turbulent, continuous airflow
  • High-performance air extraction system
  • Hazardous area systems available
  • CIP systems available
  • Full testing and validation service, including IQ/OQ, OEL and filter DOP
  • Document packs for certification and materials traceability
  • Full operating manuals supplied
  • Site installation and commissioning service

Hosokawa Micron has unique, wide-ranging expertise and experience designing, engineering and manufacturing a variety of processing and containment equipment for milling and size reduction, drying, mixing and blending, air classification, agglomeration and compaction, as well as small-scale and laboratory processing, drum and bulk container handling, filling and weighing. Our Horizontal Laminar Flow Booths are a popular component of Hosokawa-brand process systems and are well-established in sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry.

Hosokawa Micron’s individually designed Horizontal Laminar Flow Booths function to safely handle and/or contain potentially harmful powders, particles, liquids and fumes during processing activities such as charging and discharging, filling and weighing, inspections and dispensing, vacuum transfer, as well as liquid and solvent pumping and dispensing.

In contrast to a Hosokawa Micron Downflow Booth, the operator performs the processing tasks from outside of the Horizontal Laminar Flow Booth. Operator and environmental safety, as well as product and process integrity, is maintained by the controlled, laminar-style, airflow which is once-through and non-turbulent. A continuous airflow means that potentially harmful dusts and vapours are drawn away from the operator’s breathing zone.

Particles and fumes that are generated by the processing tasks are extracted via the air control valves in the booth’s exhaust plenum chamber, located behind the perforated back wall of the booth. A minimum air speed of 0.5 metres/second is generated across the open-fronted Horizontal Laminar Flow Booth.

Adaptable and flexible, Hosokawa Micron Horizontal Laminar Flow Booths can be supplied as standalone containment equipment but may also be supplied with additional equipment and features, such as drum tippers, filling and weighing systems and CIP capability, and integrated into process systems featuring equipment for milling, agglomeration, air classification, drying, mixing and blending, which can also be designed, manufactured and supplied by Hosokawa Micron, if required.


The Horizontal Laminar Flow Booth is available in a wide range of standard and bespoke sizes and configurations and can be adapted to accommodate multiple processes if required, integrating equipment from the wider Hosokawa equipment portfolio and third-party suppliers to create simple or complex process system solutions, such as pharmaceutical milling systems with CIP and integrated filling and weighing equipment, systems for liquid IBC filling with double solid downward sealing heads, along with FIBC and drum pack off systems.

Hosokawa Micron is an expert powder and particle processing company, harnessing the knowledge and experience garnered from more than a century of pioneering work to create high-performance technology and processes that can be utilised by an ever-increasing number of manufacturing industries and for research and development. We work in close collaboration with our sister companies to design, manufacture and supply industry-leading, innovative equipment and process system solutions that meet and exceed customer requirements and offer decades of reliably consistent high performance.

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