Zirkoplex ZPS Classifier Mill

The Alpine Zirkoplex ZPS Classifier Mill is used to grind soft products up to a Mohs hardness of 3.5. The end products are free from oversize particles having a steep particle size distribution with an exact top cut thanks to the highly efficient Turboplex classifier wheel incorporated within the mill.

Typical benefits of the ZPS mill are:

  • Optimum accessibility
  • Easy cleaning; a big plus if the product is changed often
  • Designed for processing sticky products that tend to deposit.
  • Special fluidisation equipment at critical points
  • Deposit-free and gentle processing of pigments, wax, resins, powder coatings, etc.
  • High air flow rate for cool grinding
  • Excellent precision of cut, steep particle size distributions
  • Stable classifying characteristics and once set, the classifying fineness remains constant