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Nauta® Conical Screw Dryer
The multi-purpose Nauta® Conical Screw Dryer by Hosokawa Micron efficiently batch dries powders, granules, pastes and viscous slurries, including those that may contain solvents or are heat-sensitive, toxic, explosive, heavy or sticky.
Conical Paddle Dryer
The versatile Conical Paddle Dryer by Hosokawa Micron offers extremely fast batch drying in a compact design and is available in a range of sizes, from 5 to 15,000 litres.
Zirkoplex ZPS Classifier Mill
The Alpine Zirkoplex ZPS Classifier Mill is used to grind soft products up to a Mohs hardness of 3.5.
The revolutionary Cyclomix is a versatile high-shear impact mixer uniquely engineered for intensive batch homogenising of fine cohesive and heat-sensitive powders, pastes, slurries, liquids and melt binders.
The Nobilta is a compact, multi-tasking super-high-shear batch mixer for applications such as precise dry powder mixing and material-enhancing nano- and micron-sized particle design, surface treatment and spheronization.
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