The internationally established Hosokawa BV Nobilta is a unique multi-functional ultra-high-shear mixer, dry particle optimiser and particle compositor. Reliably robust and compact, the Nobilta offers an impressive array of features and functionality that have been trusted by companies since its launch in 2004.

Conveniently suited to multitude applications and industry sectors, the Nobilta is all about high-performance, energy-efficiency, speed, precision and creativity. It is typically used to economically batch process high-value products and powders in the nanoparticle and micron ranges – such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, battery materials, functional resins, pigments and cosmetics.

The Nobilta will quickly and accurately modify, surface treat, enhance, fuse together and mix the tiniest nanoparticles and is expertly engineered to efficiently process sticky, heat-sensitive, abrasive and otherwise tricky-to-process materials without sticking or degradation, excelling at customising, developing and enhancing the characteristics of ultrafine powders – such as improving their flowability, solubility, electric performance, heat resistance, packing density and chemical reaction.

Nanoparticles can be permanently mechano-chemically fused onto micron-sized particles without agglomeration and the need for binders, thanks to the unique mill-like functionality of the Nobilta, which sets it apart from conventional equipment of this type.

Product Information

The Nobilta™ is a multi-functional processing unit for high speed, precision, powder mixing, particle surface modification and shape enhancement.

Hosokawa Micron BV’s high-performance, high-speed Nobilta is a cost-effective multi-tasking solution for efficiently batch mixing, composing, surface treating and spheronizing dry nano- and micron-sized particles – including those that are sticky, abrasive and heat-sensitive – and uses a mechanochemical process that removes the need for binders.

The Nobilta is currently available in a range of five models, offering batch volume capacities between 0.5 litres and 300 litres. The most compact version (NOB-130) is just 750mm long and a little over a metre high, while the largest, most powerful model (NOB-1000) measures 3.5 metres in length and is just over two metres high.



Design Option

  • Hard surface or ceramic lined models available


Nobilta Vercom NOB-VC

For processing larger quantities than the standard Nobilta range allows, the Nobilta Vercom NOB-VC offers the same superior dry particle composing capabilities as the standard Nobilta but has a much larger capacity of 500 litres. The Nobilta Vercom is configured vertically to have the smallest footprint possible and is designed to be easy to access, meaning it is no problem to inspect and maintain. As with the standard Nobilta range, it can also be adapted to process abrasive materials, if required. For further information about the Nobilta Vercom NOB-VC, please contact us via phone +44 (0)1928 755100 or complete our short enquiry form.


Using the almost identical processing principles of the Nobilta, the diminutive Picobond NOB variant of Hosokawa Alpine’s tabletop Picoline equipment is the perfect solution for similarly processing ultra-small batches of dry materials.

Ideal for laboratories and R&D, in addition to precisely mixing and/or optimising very small amounts of powders, the mini mixing reactor offers a great way to accurately test materials and processes prior to scale-up to a full-size Nobilta model.

Another method of testing processes and materials prior to the purchase of a Nobilta is to make use of one of Hosokawa Micron Group’s testing centres, replete with a wide range of equipment from the Hosokawa Micron Group portfolio, including the Nobilta. See below for further details.


Test Centre Product Development Solutions

Hosokawa Micron Group is proud to be able to offer a comprehensive product trial service as part of the development of your application processes and equipment designs. The in-house service is backed up by the latest powder and particle processing technology and state-of-the-art digital support, which can be 100% online if an in-person visit to one of Hosokawa Micron Group’s Europe-based test centres or laboratories is not feasible.

Hosokawa Micron Group offers a range of particle design and manipulation equipment, including the Nobilta and Mechanofusion® AMS products, which are available to trial at our dedicated test centres.

Collaborating with your engineering team, our in-house team of expert technicians, scientists, engineers and operators will rigorously put your application requirements to the test to devise the optimal process system or piece of equipment.

We perform well in excess of 500 product trials per year, each one typically taking up to a week to complete, and, for your convenience, our team is available at all times during the trial process to assist you and answer any queries, either remotely or in-person at our facilities.

Product, application and equipment trials can be carried out at laboratory or production scale using our comprehensive suite of Hosokawa-brand powder processing and containment equipment, ancillary equipment and analytical instruments, and we provide full documentation, reports, test results and sample material throughout the process.

As one of the world’s leading powder processing specialists, Hosokawa Micron Group has more than a century’s-worth of in-depth knowledge and experience working with a huge and complex variety of materials and for a wealth of applications in increasingly diverse and exciting sectors.

Whether its traditional manufacturing industries such as pharmaceuticals, nuclear, chemicals and food, or more contemporary sectors such as rechargeable battery materials, recycling and advanced materials, we can test your products in a realistic environment to ensure you can achieve the largest, most high-quality yields from your raw materials prior to supplying your optimised equipment or system.

We have in-house test centres dedicated to food, particle and powder processing, recycling, granulation and compaction. Our set up also includes a pharmaceutical-based clean room featuring containment equipment, a circuit-air mode and an OEL < 10µm/m3, along with a fully equipped laboratory dedicated to particle analysis, rheological properties and microscopy.

From feasibility studies, process optimisation, scale-up and product development to special designs that meet challenges such as potentially explosive environments and products, abrasive and hazardous products, process simulation, clean room designs and particle size analysis – the possibilities and opportunities are endless.

For more in-depth information about the Nobilta range and process system specifications, including full details of the design options available and our cutting-edge testing centre services, please feel free to contact us on +44 (0)1928 755100 or complete our short enquiry form – we would be delighted to trial your processes and materials and help you to choose the perfect equipment or process system for your application.

The multi-functional Hosokawa Micron BV Nobilta is used widely by diverse industries for precisely mixing, designing, optimising and manipulating dry nanoparticles and powders, whether they are soft, hard, abrasive, heat-sensitive, sticky or otherwise challenging to process.

The Nobilta is extremely proficient at quickly mixing nano- and micron-sized particles together without the requirement of solvents or chemical binders, composing nanoparticles, treating the surface of particles and spheronizing particles for the enhancement of the processed powder.

Typical applications include:

  • Improving the performance of secondary battery material by improving its packing density and sintering ability
  • Improving the capability of fuel cells in the nuclear industry by coating mixed oxides (MOX)
  • Increasing the flowability of printer toner by modifying the surface of carrier particles
  • Designing soluble microcapsule material in orally dispersing tablets for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Increasing the colour potential, tone and intensity of pigments via a rigorously thorough mixing process
  • Developing composite polymers and functional resins using nano fillers
  • Increasing catalyst performance and improving their weather-resistance
  • Increasing the flowability and controlling the refraction index of powders and particles used by the cosmetics industry by surface modification
  • Creating particles for carrier powders and active pharmaceutical ingredients used in sophisticated dry powder inhalants
  • Making ultra-hard dental materials and electric materials for the ceramics industry
  • Improving the packing density and coercivity of high-performance magnet materials
  • Creating highly stable environmentally resistant­­, temperature-resistant and high-intensity material, along with gradient functional composite for the building industry
  • Stainless-steel super-high-shear mixer
  • Space-saving design
  • Multi-purpose batch processing
  • Precision mixing of dry nano- and micron-sized particles
  • Creates custom-made functional materials
  • Designs and optimises nano-sized particles
  • Particle surface treatment and shape enhancement
  • Permanently fuses particles without using binders
  • Perfect for heat-sensitive, sticky, abrasive and challenging materials
  • Adjustable rotor speed and run time
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Economical processing costs
  • Available in five sizes (0.5 litres to 300 litres)
  • Tailor-made specifically for application and material requirements
  • Hard-faced or ceramic-lined components available
  • Water-cooled jacket for a consistent operating temperature
  • Easy to operate, dismantle, clean and maintain
  • Tailor-made specialist process system designs available
  • In-house production trials and product testing at our dedicated test centre
  • Product trial documentation
  • Full testing and validation service, including FATs (remote and in-person)
  • Document packs for certification and materials traceability
  • Full operating manuals supplied
  • Site installation, commissioning and maintenance service

Compact in size, the centrepiece of the Nobilta is its horizontally configured cylindrical vessel, incorporating a rotor capable of spinning at a speed of up to 30 metres per second. The highly efficient, specially designed rotor is uniquely configured and built to exert mill-like impact, compression and shear forces to the nano particles both individually and equally. Adjusting the speed of the rotor and the processing time is possible and controls the amount of mixing and surface treatment the nanoparticles undergo.

Capable of processing many types of materials, including heat-sensitive, sticky and abrasive particles, the cylindrical vessel incorporates a water-cooled jacket, which prevents a build-up of heat during high-speed processing tasks. This results in a superior-quality powdered product that is neither agglomerated nor degraded by an elevated temperature.

If processing very abrasive materials, the Nobilta can be designed with an extremely durable hard surface or ceramic coating to prevent product contamination.


Nanoparticles can be quickly and permanently fused onto the surface of micron-sized particles by the Nobilta without the need for any kind of binder or solvent. Combining the properties of the nano and micron particles to design a new particle offers an impressive number of advantages for the quality of the newly created powder, including enhancing chemical reactions, flowability, heat resistance, electric performance and solubility.

Dispersion – Precision Mixing

The versatile Nobilta enables both distributive and dispersive mixing of nanoparticles to improve a powder’s colour, tone, reactivity, calcination ability and mechanical intensity. Product agglomeration is avoided by the equipment’s mill-like functionality, resulting in an accurate target particle.

Spheronization – Shape Enhancement

Improving the roundness of the particles’ shape reduces the BET surface area, allowing for greatly enhanced flowability and packing density of the processed powder material.

Hosokawa Micron BV’s range of conical mixers can be used before and after the Nobilta stage if, for example, material pre-mixing and post-homogenisation is required. For the handling and processing of hazardous products – such as APIs, chemicals and nuclear materials – Hosokawa Micron Ltd designs, engineers and manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative industry-leading containment equipment, which can be tailor-made for your application and built around the Nobilta, for an entirely bespoke solution made to meet the latest industry standards and requirements. Please see our Process System Solutions section for further details.

The multi-tasking Hosokawa Micron BV Nobilta can be supplied as an individual piece of mixing and particle design equipment but may also be supplied as part of a larger, tailor-made process system designed, engineered and manufactured by Hosokawa Micron Group to precisely cater for your specific application and requirements.

For example, pre-mixing of multiple materials before entering the Nobilta can easily be achieved by designing a system incorporating a suitable conical mixer from Hosokawa Micron BV’s Mixing and Blending product range. Homogenisation of the material after discharge from the Nobilta can be facilitated using an additional conical mixer. Equipment suitable for further processing, conveying or storage, such as a Filling & Weighing System, can also be designed and configured into the optimal process system for your exact requirements.

When hazardous products – such as nuclear material, chemicals and pharmaceutical APIs – need to be handled and processed by a Nobilta, Hosokawa Micron Ltd’s range of high-performance containment equipment offers the optimal solutions to complement the Nobilta’s diverse processing capabilities. Everything from shielded and non-shielded Isolators and Gloveboxes, Fume Cupboards, Downflow Booths and Laminar Flow Booths can be configured into an entirely unique, purpose-built process system designed especially for your application and materials.

Trusted by leading manufacturing companies spanning a wide variety of sectors – from pharmaceuticals, nuclear and chemicals to cosmetics – Hosokawa Micron Group is known globally for equipment and process system innovations that perfectly complement our game-changing processing techniques.

A first-class in-house project management and engineering service, along with technical services such as contract manufacturing, particle design and powder testing, offer you a complete, professional solution to match our adaptable high-performance products and the process systems that we can precisely tailor-make for you.

Our equipment portfolio is also underpinned by extensive lifecycle management services and friendly, efficient customer care to support you during the decades of service you can expect to enjoy from Hosokawa Micron Group equipment and process systems.

The Hosokawa Micron BV Nobilta is an excellent small batch reactor when applied to hazardous nuclear fuel processing. The super-high-shear mixer and particle designer excels at optimising the functional design of dry nano- and micron-sized particles and performs a mechanofusion or mechano-chemical process to precisely create new compound functional materials – for example, coating mixed oxides (MOX).

Operational safety is assured by integrating the Nobilta into a tailor-made glovebox or isolator, allowing for fully contained processing. Hosokawa Micron Ltd is a specialist designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art containment equipment – including bespoke shielded and non-shielded gloveboxes and isolators, downflow booths, powder transfer systems, filling and weighing systems, dispensing, pack off and metal detection equipment – for the processing of powders, particles, liquids and vapours, from nuclear, pharmaceutical, chemical and battery materials to pigments and toner materials.

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