Streamlined Soups and Sauces

Five-a-day producers of soups, sauces, purées and dressings benefit from streamlined processing using Hosokawa’s Micron Angle Disintegrator that can eliminate fruit and veg peeling and chopping AND offer five different processing options in one machine.

The Angle Disintegrator offers:

  1. Pulping or blending
  2. Coarse or fine purée;
  3. Processing of hot or cold ingredients
  4. Processing of wet or dry ingredients
  5. Rejection of unwanted plant matter or injection of water, steam or inert gas.

Open Angle Disintegrator
Capable of producing homogenous, puréed fruit and vegetable the unit reduces product handling to deliver a higher quality, fine textured, end product. Unwanted fibres, skin particles and seeds are continuously removed to leave a pristine puree.

Even difficult to process ingredients such as garlic, root ginger, tomatoes, onions,

oranges and vanilla pods can all be pulped and puréed using the Micron Angle Disintegrator.

With a capacity to handle up to 3000kg/hour of either wet or dry, hot or cold products the hygienic construction enables fast product changeover without cross contamination.

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