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Hosokawa Micron Ltd. Advances Digital Transformation with Tablets in Manufacturing Workshop

Hosokawa Micron Ltd. is taking a significant step in its digital transformation journey by equipping manufacturing workshop technicians with tablet devices.

This move aims to lessen the dependency on printed materials and enable real-time reporting directly linked to live projects. The introduction of tablets in the workshop is expected to streamline communication between manufacturing technicians and project managers, facilitating immediate attention to and resolution of any issues, ultimately saving time and enhancing efficiency.

The tablets serve a dual purpose, replacing paper and functioning as a tool for visual documentation. Their camera feature allows technicians to attach images to reports, creating a detailed visual record that proves invaluable during assembly and on-site operations.

These devices are an integral part of Hosokawa’s digital strategy. They provide instant access to all project information, from job packs to updated drawings, both in the workshop and in the field. This contributes significantly to the company’s sustainability goals by reducing paper use, aligning with their sustainability roadmap.

“All information, from issue sheets to drawings and time sheets, are now part of a closed-loop system within our Salesforce and Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage platform. This not only enhances visibility and transparency across departments but also makes documentation more accessible to other departments within the business” says, James Stirling, Digital & IT Manager at Hosokawa Micron Ltd.

Hosokawa Micron Ltd. plans to expand this technology beyond the manufacturing workshop, incorporating it into their contract manufacturing and product lifecycle management departments.

Through these efforts, Hosokawa Micron Ltd. continues to build a smarter, more connected, secure, and sustainable business.

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