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The energy-efficient Hosokawa Alpine Polyplex PPC is one of the latest additions to our size reduction equipment portfolio and has been specifically engineered for milling a variety of plastics, addressing the needs of the increasingly demanding recycling industry, as well as manufacturers who wish to bring the recycling of their valuable plastic waste in-house.

An ingeniously designed, multi-functional shredder and grinder in one, the powerful Polyplex PPC can be used in either batch or continuous mode and is really easy to clean, operate and maintain, thanks to easy access to the cutting chamber, while our innovative new solution is also faster, more flexible, more reliable and more efficient than traditional comminution equipment for plastics, allowing for greater productivity, better quality material and reduced downtime. The economical equipment dispenses with the need for multiple stages of reprocessing material – achieving a fineness value as small as 5mm in one step and handling plastic items up to six metres in length.

Unique and space-saving, the Polyplex PPC boasts a number of creative engineering features – such as vertically arranged components that can simultaneously gravity-feed demanding plastic materials through its rotor and granulator knives without the need for pre-sorting or dosing, and the ability to simultaneously process many types of plastics of different shapes and sizes – and is a revolutionary, high-quality solution for recycling plastic waste.

Product Information

The Hosokawa Micron Rotoplex Ro is a range of high-performance granulators that have achieved cult status amongst many manufacturing industries.

The innovative Polyplex PPC is a robust, multi-functional grinder and shredder specifically designed for the recycling industry and the comminution of a wide range of heavy-duty plastic products created for multiple manufacturing sectors, particularly construction and automotive.

Currently available in one standard size, despite its relatively compact dimensions, the Polyplex PPC can accommodate variably shaped and large pieces of plastic waste, along with plastic pipes and profiles of up to six metres in length.

The mill has the flexibility to operate in continuous or batch processing mode and offers many technical advantages over more traditional two-stage plastic milling – such as self-dosing material feeding, an adaptable feed unit, one-step fine granulation, energy-efficiency and user-friendly operation and maintenance. In addition, its thoughtfully engineered design allows for extremely easy access to the cutting chamber, rotor and granulating knives.

Blow mouldings 



The Polyplex PPC is just one of a range of shredding and granulating mills from the Hosokawa Micron Group that are suitable for plastics recycling and processing. For further information and advice on the best solution for your requirements, simply get in touch on +44 (0)1928 755100 or complete our short enquiry form.

The Polyplex PPC has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the recycling industry and plastic manufacturers. The versatile shredder/granulator addresses the challenges associated with recycling all kinds of rigid plastic waste, including profiles, extrusions, pipes, blown mouldings and injection mouldings, along with plastic sheets and chunks.

  • Robust, compact construction
  • Patented, intelligent design solution
  • Dual-purpose rotor shredder and granulator
  • Size reduction of any type of plastic material
  • Allows for simultaneous mixed material processing
  • Feed material can be non-uniform in shape
  • Variable product fineness down to 5mm
  • Handles plastic material up to 6 metres in length
  • No manual pre-sorting or dosing of waste materials required
  • Adaptable, self-dosing feed unit
  • Continuous or batch-style operation
  • Excellent material throughput rate
  • Designed for easy access to internal components
  • Speedy cleaning and maintenance times
  • Downtime is considerably reduced
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Excellent value for money
  • Minimal intervention by operator required
  • Pneumatic end product discharge
  • Fully automated process control
  • In-house feasibility tests at our dedicated facility
  • Product trial documentation
  • Full testing and validation service, including FATs
  • Document packs for certification and materials traceability
  • Full operating manuals supplied
  • Site installation, commissioning and maintenance service

Plastic is, undoubtedly, one of the ‘wonder’ materials of the twentieth century and was instrumental in driving an economic boom after World War II – benefiting from being cheap, incredibly versatile and easy to manufacture. By its nature, the material has, for a long time, been virtually indestructible and only 9% of the plastics ever made since 1950 (estimated at 8.3 billion metric tonnes) have been recycled*, with most unwanted plastic ending up in landfill or deposited in the world’s oceans.

Plastic recycling first emerged as a market in the 1970s, as people began to realise that the longevity of the material and increase in manufacturing products made from plastic would start to become an environmental problem.

Despite this, for a variety of reasons the world in general has been slow to address the detrimental effects of plastic pollution, so plastic production has increased continually year-on-year. In fact, plastic consumption has quadrupled in the last 30 years.

However, we are now in an era of global eco-consciousness, buoyed and educated by decades of scientific evidence and analysis which has resulted in a much more focussed awareness of the way plastic is affecting both our natural environment and society. Plastic recycling is now a very hot topic worldwide and is an industry that is predicted to be worth $56 billion by 2026, almost twice its economic value than in 2022**.

Recycled plastic has enormous possibilities and can be used to create everything from clothes fabric, dog toys, yoga mats, shampoo bottles and razors, furniture, dinnerware and car parts, to construction insulation, garden decking and window frames, so it makes sense to repurpose and reuse this valuable commodity.

Manufacturing industries are, therefore, looking for solutions in order to ‘do their bit’ and adhere to increasingly stringent industry and global political pledges to tackle the issue of plastic waste and pollution.

Choosing to invest in a Hosokawa-brand shredder and granulator – designed specifically for recycling a wide range of plastics – offers dedicated recycling companies and manufacturers who make plastic, use plastic or generate waste plastic in their processes a cost-effective, very effective and useful way to help resolve the environmental issues surrounding the material.

The Hosokawa Alpine Polyplex PPC is offered as an individual piece of size reduction equipment but can also be supplied as part of a larger process system, which can be designed and tailor-made for you by Hosokawa Micron Ltd. For example, the Polyplex PPC can be supplied with a Hosokawa-brand de-dusting system for quickly separating plastic dust particles from the end product, if required.

In addition, Hosokawa Micron Ltd is proud to have the expertise to offer additional services, such as a comprehensive qualification service, where we will provide an in-depth analysis of factors such as your production processes, as well as environmental, safety and supply chain considerations. This is instrumental in determining the optimal solution for not only the process material, equipment or process system itself, but the environment the Polyplex PPC will be housed and operating in.

Trusted throughout the world by leading manufacturing companies spanning a wide variety of sectors – from construction and automotive to homecare and recycling – we are known for our equipment innovations and game-changing processing techniques, which are underpinned by a first-class in-house project management and engineering service – from initial design conception to equipment delivery and commissioning.

Our equipment is supported by extensive lifecycle management services and friendly, efficient customer care to support you during the decades of service you can expect to enjoy from Hosokawa Micron Group equipment and process systems.


Test your plastic materials at our dedicated Test Centre using a Polyplex PPC

We are pleased to offer our customers the opportunity to trial the recycling of their plastic products at our state-of-the-art Test Centre, where we have an example Polyplex PPC mill available for grinding and shredding applications and a team of expert test engineers who will be on-hand throughout to facilitate the process and provide technical advice. Material trials are supported by full documentation and samples.

We would be happy to welcome you to our facility in person, but we realise that sometimes this can be impractical, so you and your technical teams also have options to be a part of the trial process remotely via live video connection (also available for FATs etc) or a combination of both – whichever is your preference.

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