Is Your Downflow Booth Keeping Your Workforce Safe?

Posted by Hosokawa Micron | August 14th, 2017

Keeping workers safe from dusts and fumes that can damage their health is a legal requirement under Health and Safety at Work, COSHH regulations.

The user friendly working environment offered by downflow booths, as an alternative to cumbersome PPE, combined with the high levels of protection they can afford, has led to the adoption of this clean air technology across chemical, food, healthcare and other industries.

However downflow booths can only offer full protection if they are regularly monitored, inspected and maintained to preserve their installation performance levels and comply with safety regulations.

Hosokawa Micron’s, downflow booth, maintenance specialist, Matt Wilby, explains the steps needed to meet safety regulations and protect personnel, product and environment – from simple visual inspections to scheduling of maintenance activities, filter replacement, smoke and DOP testing and much more.

Click here to download (PDF) and find out more.

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