Schugi Flexomix


Product Description

The Schugi® Flexomix is a unique vertical, continuous mixer and agglomerator, developed to achieve a highly homogeneous mixture of powders and liquids. It is unlike any other continuous mixer with its vertical cylindrical chamber, vertical rotating shaft and flexible mixer wall.

High rotational speed and turbulent mixing keep the mixer chamber clean.  The Flexomix enables accurate dosing of both liquid and solid components and can handle even the stickiest of media.

The Schugi® Flexomix achieves excellent product uniformity due to the avoidance of de-mixing in the almost instantaneous blending of all ingredients. The flexible mixer wall is continuously mechanically flexed to avoid product build up. Powders and liquids can be fed into the unit through top inlet(s).  Liquids of varying viscosity and steam can be added using atomizing nozzles mounted to the upper part of the chamber just above the upper mixing blades.

This combination makes the Schugi® Flexomix highly suited to mixing powders with powders, liquids with powders, as well as wet agglomeration for forming porous granules. It delivers:

  • Compact design with capacities from 50 kg/hr to 40 t/hr
  • Short residence time / Instantaneous mixing (< 1 second)
  • Self-cleaning (flexible) mixing chamber
  • Addition of different liquids simultaneously (high liquid loads possible)
  • Continuous process, with low maintenance requirements

The Schugi® Flexomix mixer/agglomerator is ideal for use in the production of instant products such as soups, beverages and sauces as well as chemical and pharmaceutical products. It is suitable for:

Modification of starch

Agglomeration pesticide formulae

Agglomeration of fine powders for compaction

Hydration of phosphates

Production of detergent powders

Humidifying products (e.g. pesticides) before extrusion


Please contact for more details:

+44 (0) 1928 755100