Eiichi Hosokawa Memorial Award

Posted by Hosokawa Micron | June 23rd, 2015

A visit to the Runcorn headquarters of Hosokawa Micron Ltd., by the President of Hosokawa Micron Corporation, Mr. Yoshio Hosokawa, culminated in the presentation of the prestigious Eiichi Hosokawa Memorial Award for 2014, presented to the company in recognition of its improved business performance.

The Hosokawa Group award recognises the hard work and commitment of Hosokawa Micron Ltd’s personnel over 2014 and previous years. Under the stewardship of Managing Director, Iain Crosley the company’s personnel have made great efforts to focus on improving operating processes and product and service refinement for the benefit of customers as well as seeking opportunities to develop new markets for Hosokawa products.

‘During this time everyone at Hosokawa Micron Ltd has positively responded to the challenges and continue to do so, with pride and I thank them all,’ said Iain Crosley.

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