Don’t Let Faulty Isolator Gloves Compromise Operator Safety

Posted by Hosokawa Micron | June 13th, 2017

Hosokawa Micron’s new Glove Integrity Tester provides simple, clear verification of isolator/glovebox glove and gauntlet integrity.

The Glove Tester is able to detect port/glove seal integrity, glove defects and even tiny holes less than 100µm – not visible to the naked eye, which can compromise isolator/glovebox OELs and operator safety.

To protect your workforce at risk when handling potentially harmful materials use the lightweight, wireless, hand held device to check gloves before each procedure or as part of your scheduled integrity tests.

Offering simple, two button operation and fully automated measurement, the device can be loaded with preconfigured parameters tailored to your glove type and detection requirements making it even easier to use. With an automatic glove filling procedure requiring no additional air supply the Hosokawa Glove Tester is ready to use straight from the case.

The device comes complete with battery, battery charging stand and carry case.

Read more on our Isolators and Gloveboxes page.

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