Contained Milling for R&D

Posted by Hosokawa Micron | July 16th, 2017

Hosokawa Micron and sister company Hosokawa Alpine AG have joined forces to design and manufacture a Flexible Compact Isolator capable of meeting the exacting requirements for milling of R&D stage pharmaceuticals.

Offering containment levels of <1µg/m³ the Flexible Compact Isolator (FCI) is designed for full integration of a Hosokawa 50 AS Jet Milling system which will be installed by Hosokawa Alpine.

The portable FCI, comprising of a clear acrylic cover mounted on a stainless steel base unit has electrics and pneumatics mounted within the subframe. These will provide for inflation of the seal between the cover and base creating a contained space for milling and associated activities that protects operator, product and environment from potentially hazardous airborne particles.

The unit, manufactured by Hosokawa Micron in Runcorn, includes a full CIP system with hand held wash lance to facilitate inter-batch cleaning.

20Whilst, in this case the FCI will initially be operating as a standalone unit, FCIs can be joined to other units to create a complex, multi-cell containment solution.

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