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Rubber Dissolving System

Hosokawa Micron Ltd and Cavitron® combine their Rubber Chopper and Rotor/Stator dissolver to provide a system solution for the processing of rubber and PS.

For a typical synthetic rubber dissolving process system by Cavitron® and Hosokawa Micron Ltd, large bales of rubber are initially shredded into small granules by our Rubber Chopper. The granules are then conveyed by gravity into the Rotor/Stator Dissolver where the granules are intensely mixed with a chemical which dissolves them into a 95% rubber slurry of uniform high quality. Further processing may be required, which could include heating and agitating the slurry in a large-volume storage vessel to make superior-quality rubber solution.

Hosokawa Micron Ltd manufactures multiple versions of its popular PB15 Rubber Chopper every year. Designed for coarse primary grinding of rubber bales prior to dissolving or mixing with other materials, it is extremely efficient, energy-saving, robust, reliable, and low maintenance – a true workhorse with a typical lifespan of thirty years.

Cavitron® Rotor/Stator Dissolver machines are used for dispersing, homogenising, emulsifying, extracting and mixing and are well-known for being compact, energy-efficient, safe and eco-friendly, producing a superior-quality end product.

The Hosokawa Micron Rubber Chopper is robustly constructed from materials including stainless steel, normal steel and, for the ultimate corrosion resistance, duplex alloy. Perfect for the processing of a wide range of materials, including butadiene, high impact polymer, isoprene, nitriles, styrenes, natural rubber, butyl and reclaim, it is available as a single size unit (PB15) offering power ranges up to 132ku and a heavy-duty design for exceptionally tough grades of rubber.

Production capacity is largely dependent on the raw material being processed, the rotor speed and the power generated under test conditions, but generally speaking the Rubber Chopper is capable of processing from 1.2 to 6 tonnes of material per hour.

The adaptable Rubber Chopper can be fitted with various drive assemblies and chopper configurations to suit customer requirements and features a wear protection discharge barrel.

Combination of disperger and conveying screw. Solid/liquid processing in continuous way. Input of liquid or gas in the  shear area. Separating of CAVITRON® disperger and conveying screw by hydraulic system for better service.

System Capacity Energy input Discharge pressure
CD1026 4 – 50 gpm 7.5 – 18 kW 1 – 6 barg
CD1035 20 – 180 gpm 37 – 130 kW 1 – 6 barg
CD1060 20 – 290 gpm 37 – 370 – kW 1 – 6 barg
CD1078 30 – 200 gpm 75 – 200 kW  1 – 6 barg

A two-level, tailor-made system like this is capable of processing up to four tonnes of rubber bales per hour, producing, for example, bulk Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), an extremely popular thermoplastic polymer that can be used to make an endless number of products, such as automotive components, camera cases, sports equipment, pipes, kitchen appliances, hard hats, keyboards, electrical wall sockets and, since 1963, even LEGO® bricks – renowned for their vibrant colour, high gloss, grip, safety and durability. ABS can also be used for injection moulding, medical devices and 3D printing projects.

Not only compatible with processing rubber, the Cavitron® Rotor/Stators are equally useful for processing bitumen, chemicals, pigments, food, paper and cardboard, plastics and petrochemical products.

Cavitron® and Hosokawa Micron Ltd met per chance in China. A client was looking for a Dissolving Unit that would provide them with a size reduction element. Both companies were invited for a joint meeting and the rest is history.

More than 20 years of collaboration and an installed base spanning across the globe, both Cavitron® and Hosokawa Micron Ltd continue to support their clients with their Rubber Dissolver System.

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