Mixing & Blending

Our wide range of innovative mixing equipment and technologies for powder processing, pastes, slurries and liquids extends from lab and plant units to full scale production mixers and systems.

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Choosing a mixer design and process is determined by the nature of the materials to be mixed. Within our mixer portfolio, we can deliver wet or dry mixing solutions to suit your batch or continuous production needs, and we offer a range of powder processing equipment to help with such production manufacturing.

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Our mixing technologies can be used for applications including homogenising, improving product quality, coating particles, fusing materials, wetting, dispersion of liquids, altering functional properties and agglomeration.

While a comprehensive product list from the Hosokawa Micron and Schugi brand ranges deliver unique technologies, the Vrieco Nauta® conical mixer remains at the heart of Hosokawa Micron’s portfolio of mixing technology. Continuously developed to retain it’s industry standard reputation for fast and intensive mixing the Vrieco Nauta® range of mixers are able to handle volumes from 5-60,000 litres.

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