Hosokawa Micron has developed an advanced portfolio of processing technologies and equipment for drying and cooling a range of substances, such as granules, powders, pastes and slurries.

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Drying is an operation to remove moisture from wet materials by forced evaporation using heat, and the batch and continuous dryer ranges from Hosokawa Micron are widely used in applications within the food, chemical, mineral and pharmaceutical industries.

The Vrieco Nauta® range of vacuum dryers in particular has the ability to both mix and dry in one unit offering production benefits that include eliminating the need for product handling and interim storage equipment, reducing downtime for cleaning and minimising product losses.

The selection of the right drying process and dryer design depends on the nature of the materials to be handled here our extensive processing know-how can help ensure customers select the right equipment for the job; whether that be for the production of a few kilos or multi tonne lots.



For more information on the drying and cooling equipment available from Hosokawa Micron, please contact us. We welcome all enquiries about our products and services.

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