Analytical Services

Hosokawa Micron’s own in-house laboratory provides analytical services for those without their own equipment or facilities, or who wish to further benefit from our extensive expertise in particulate materials and optimum processing methodology.

The laboratory is equipped to undertake various measuring and analytical test procedures for the determination of powder properties such as flow characterisation and particle size analysis.

As well as equipment from Hosokawa’s own powder analysis portfolio; the Alpine Air Jet Sieve and Hosokawa Powder Characteristics Tester the laboratory is equipped with other OEM instrumentation to provide a full range of analytical techniques for the research of powder behaviour, size distribution and characteristics.Our laboratory has a comprehensive range of equipment including:

Accredited Contract Laboratories utilised for micro and further qualitative/quantitative testing. Please click here for more information

Laboratory Analytical Equipment

Used extensively for quality control of products as well as the measurement of data for research and development Hosokawa Micron’s instrumentation in their laboratory analytical range has become industry standards in the scientific and powder processing communities.

Equipment is easy to use, flexible and delivers consistent, high accuracy results. In regularly updating this equipment Hosokawa Micron ensures their continued use in lab settings worldwide.

Laboratory & Pilot Plant

Hosokawa Micron’s smaller scale versions of key equipment and technologies allow the development of unique processes through simulations, scale up studies and R&D enabling manufacturers to identify and resolve process related problems that would be costly at commercial scale.

  • Hosokawa Micron’s Lab and Pilot Plant range includes:
    • Alpine Spiral Jet Mill AS
    • Alpine 100 UPZ Fine Impact Mill
    • Alpine 100 AFG Jet Mill
    • Alpine 50 ATP
    • Alpine 100/140MZM Zig Zag Classifier
    • Hosokawa Micron Milling Extrudomix
    • Vrieco Nauta Mixer
    • Alpine100MZR ZigZag Classifier
    • 20/10RO Rotaplex Granulator
    • Mikro Air Classifier Mill

Please visit our Laboratory and Pilot Plant page to see more about this service offered by Hosokawa Micron, and for any enquiries please get in touch today.