After Sales & Parts

Our tailored After Sales & Parts solutions deliver tangible production, cost and safety benefits.

Designed to increase plant availability and minimise unscheduled downtime, our services, tailored for single equipment units or turnkey systems, can deliver transformational business continuity and visible commercial payback from day one.

We work with you and your in-house maintenance team to develop a structured and budgeted framework of maintenance support that meets your business needs and offers ‘peace of mind’ maintenance management, leaving you free to focus on other projects.

Whether you simply need high availability of quality spare parts to support your in-house maintenance programme or access to our skilled maintenance engineers and the benefit of our worldwide process technology expertise, we can deliver the right after sales support solution to meet your needs and offering significant benefits, including:

  • Preventive maintenanceMinimise breakdown and downtime
    • No acceptance of ‘run to fail’ maintenance
    • Regular scheduling of maintenance visits and supply of spare parts
    • Production reliability assured as parts are repaired or replaced at the right time
    • Equipment continues to provide the performance and distinct product characteristics you require through regular inspections and maintenance activities
  • Predictive maintenanceScheduled downtime for reliable operation
    • Capability to optimise maintenance activities and deliver insightful planning for improved reliability
    • Plant visualisation in conjunction with the skills of our experienced process engineers
    • Puts you firmly in control of interventions for the best possible commercial outcome
  • Optimisation and upgradesBoost potential, extend performance
    • Access lower plant running costs, improved performance and increased availability
    • Using Hosokawa Micron ReMs technologies to analyse existing and current plant data
    • Identify how yesterday’s equipment and plant equipment can meet tomorrow’s requirements
    • Upgrades to extend equipment life/performance or meet new processing requirements
  • Quality spare partsAffordable, reliable spare parts when you need them
    • Original and reliable spare parts for all Hosokawa brand equipment
    • Protect your equipment with genuine, original spare parts
    • Set up and maintain your own spare parts stockroom maintaining the most appropriate inventory to meet your needs
  • TrainingNeeds specific, in-house courses
    • Develop the skills and knowledge of your in-house maintenance teams to ensure consistent, peak performance of your plant and machines
    • Training courses customised around your needs and specific equipment
    • Update and refresher training
  • Worldwide supportA network of engineering excellence
    • Access to the full support of our group company network of engineering expertise
    • No matter where your plant is located Hosokawa can meet your service requirements
  • Lifetime supportMinimise running and ownership costs and shared responsibility
    • When you invest in lifetime maintenance support, managed by Hosokawa, unexpected downtime is minimised, continuous, quality production is protected and fast support and quality spare parts assured along with improvement strategies and opportunities to minimise running and ownership costs of your machine.

Having chosen the best powder processing equipment available, it makes sense to ensure it continues to perform to meet your requirements. Find out how Hosokawa works in partnership with machine owners to get the best from each machine, get in touch today.