Zirkoplex ZPS Classifier Mill

a photo of a Zirkoplex ZPS Classifier Mill

Product Description

The Alpine Zirkoplex ZPS Classifier Mill is used to grind soft products up to a Mohs hardness of 3.5. The end products are free from oversize particles having a steep particle size distribution with an exact top cut thanks to the highly efficient Turboplex classifier wheel incorporated within the mill.

The size-reduction elements comprise an impact beater unit plus a stationary triangular-ribbed grinding track that surrounds the grinding chamber. This impact beater unit is designed such that the grinding process is very efficient and the impact beaters are exchangeable while the grinding track is in easy changeable segmented design. A variable speed Turboplex ultrafine classifier with one or more horizontal classifying wheels is integrated into the top section of the mill.

Alpine has succeeded in achieving high throughput dry process size reduction at the ultrafine end by using several small turbo classifying wheels of identical size. This multi-wheel concept was applied by Alpine for the first time in their highly successful range of Turboplex classifiers. Producing superfine products, especially in the range between 3 and 6 µm , with an extremely high fines yield and maximum precision of cut in a particularly cost-effective manner is now possible with the ZPS.  Typical benefits of the ZPS mill are:

  • Optimum accessibility
  • Easy cleaning; a big plus if the product is changed often
  • Designed for processing sticky products that tend to deposit.
  • Special fluidisation equipment at critical points
  • Deposit-free and gentle processing of pigments, wax, resins, powder coatings, etc.
  • High air flow rate for cool grinding
  • Excellent precision of cut, steep particle size distributions
  • Stable classifying characteristics and once set, the classifying fineness remains constant
  • Explosion protection
  • ATEX
  • All ZPS machine sizes are certified in accordance with the EC type test II 1 (i) D / 2 (o) DG c IIC T5

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