Viblette™ VBL-F


Product Description

Suitable for measuring the particle size of dielectric or cohesive dry materials such as carbon black or mineral fillers the Viblette™ VBL’s enhanced vibration delivers measuring times up to 1/3 that of conventional sieves.

Wet sieving is an established method where cohesive or highly electrostatic powders are to be analysed and where small amounts of coarse powders are to be isolated – which is difficult to detect by laser diffraction- scattering methods or dry sieving.

Unique shower nozzles deliver effective powder wetting with little liquid waste.

  • Easy operation
  • Short measuring time
  • Repeatable, accurate measuring
  • Analysis of slurries up to 10 litres/min
  • Screen size to 5 micron without filming problem
  • Requires 1/6th liquid of conventional wet sieve
  • Ultrasonic model VBL-FU also available

Liquid is sprayed through shower nozzles at the sprinkler to the powdery sample on the sieve. The sprinkler is rotated by liquid pressure evenly wetting the powder. The problem of fine screen filming that can occur in wet sieving is avoided using vibration, allowing both fine particles and liquid to pass through the screen and shortening the measuring time.



Sieve drum size: 200mm or 75mm

Finest sieve opening: 5 micron (depending on sample properties)

Electric power supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz

Please contact for more details:

+44 (0) 1928 755100