Spiral Jet Mill – AS Aeroplex

A photo of a Spiral Jet Mill - AS Aeroplex

Product Description

Alpine Spiral Jet Mills are frequently used in the pharmaceuticals industry and also for the manufacture of fine-grade chemicals for ultrafine size reduction of dry materials with a crystalline structure up to a Mohs hardness of 3.

Because the AS Aeroplex Spiral Jet Mills have no rotating components, there are consequently no bearings and shaft seals and thus no lubricants are used so contamination from these sources is impossible, which leads to high product quality. The simple geometry of the mill components makes them easy to clean and also permits sterilisation of the entire mill.

Alpine jet mills are used predominantly for high-grade pharmaceutical product for example antibiotics or fine-grade chemicals, especially when high demands are made of the purity and fineness of the end products. The most common requirements using a maximum feed size of approx. 1.5 mm are end-product fineness values with a d97 ranging between approx. 5 and 30µm.

Typical operating advantages are:

  • Special grinding zone geometry for products free of oversized particles
  • Grinding zone without rotating components
  • Material feed via injector
  • Exchangeable nozzle ring
  • Stainless steel design, product-contact surfaces with a high quality of finish (order-specific)
  • CIP/SIP-capable

CIP and SIP designs available

Explosion protected designs