a photo of a Picozirk

Product Description

The Alpine picozirk ® is a mechanical impact mill with integrated classifier for the dry fine milling of soft to medium-hard materials with a steep particle size distribution.

  • For milling of materials with a Mohs’ hardness up to 3.5
  • Produces powders with a steep particle size distribution and narrow size range in the  range 8 µm – 120 µm

Milling is conducted with a high-speed disc equipped with grinding elements. The feed material is metered into the grinding chamber and is accelerated by the rotor. Comminution is the result of particles impacting against the grinding elements of the rotor and against the grinding track.

The grinding air flows from below through the gap between rotor and grinding track and then through the classifying wheel arranged in the mill head. The classifying effect of the classifying wheel allows fine particles to exit the mill entrained in the air, after which they are collected in a filter. Coarser particles fall back onto the rotor and are comminuted further until such time as they have reached the desired fineness.

The end-product fineness is set by adjusting the speed of the rotor and of the classifying wheel as well as the gas flow rate.

Features include:

  • Operation with compressed air and/or inert gas
  • Continuous operating mode
  • Cool and low-intensity milling
  • Steep particle size distribution curves
  • Sharp and easily adjustable cut point
  • Plate beater rotor with grinding track
  • Classifying wheel gap and motor bearing rinsed with gas
  • Classifying wheel gap easy to adjust
  • Grinding and rinsing air supplied through the platform adapter

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