a photo of a Picoplex

Product Description

The Alpine picoplex® is a mechanical impact mill for the dry milling of soft to medium-hard materials. The design and principle of operation are largely identical with that of Alpine’s UPZ Ultraplex fine impact mill product line.

  • For end-product fineness values of 50 µm — 500 µm, dependent on whether equipped with pin discs or plate beaters

The feed material is metered into the centre of the rotor equipped with grinding elements and is comminuted as a result of impacting against the rotor and stator elements. After being processed in the grinding zone,  the product moves into the mill housing before exiting the mill by gravity. The rotation generates an air flow from which the product is extracted in a filter.

Different grinding elements can be used, e.g. rotor/stator discs with axial pins or a plate beater rotor with profiled grinding track or sieve. The fineness of the end product is set as a function of the rotor speed and the feed rate.

Features include:

  • Continuous operation
  • Collection bin for the end product
  • Filter element as an air vent
  • Rinsing air supply via the platform adapter (no tubes)

Awaiting table

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