A photo of a Picoliq machine

Product Description

The Alpine picoliq ® is an agitated media mill for the continuous or batch wet milling of particles in liquids. The design and principle of operation are largely identical with that of Alpine’s AHM product line.

For the wet processing of small to mini product batches and fineness values down to the submicron and nano-range.

The grinding chamber of the mill is usually filled with ceramic beads which are set into motion by a rotating agitator. The feed material is suspended in a liquid and is filled into and discharged from the grinding chamber by a pump. The particles are stressed between the grinding beads by impact and friction and are thus comminuted. In continuous mode, the suspension exits the mill after passing through the grinding zone, whereby a separating element in the form of a screen retains the grinding beads in the mill.

The mill settings are made by varying the rotor speed, the amount of grinding beads and the suspension flow rate as well as the size of the grinding beads.

Features include:

  • The grinding beads are prevented from exiting the mill by means of a dynamic separating system
  • Product-contact components made of PU, stainless steel, ceramic or polyethylene
  • Grinding chamber can be cooled
  • Grinding beads ranging from 0.05 to 1.0 mm in size can be employed
  • Mill can be tilted for easy filling and emptying
  • Shaft sealing by means of a mechanical seal, double shaft lip seal and rinsing connections (for connection to the on-site water supply)
  • Measuring devices for product temperature, sealing liquid pressure, mill speed, motor output and torque
  • Filling, venting and sampling via hollow needles in batch mode

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