a photo of a Picojet in Plattform

Product Description

Mini machines mounted on one uniquely adaptable platform.

The Alpine Picoline range of mini machines used in laboratories and research facilities and all industry areas where ultra small batches of powders need to be produced.  When researchers have only a few grams of material to work with it is important to use the right processing machines from the start so scale up is easy.

The Picoline range is derived from well established products from Hosokawa thus ensuring transfer to volume production is straight forward, reliable and problem free.


The Picoline range (click on the name to view the product):

  • Picoplex based on the UPZ impact mill
  • Picozirk an impact classifier mill
  • Picosplit an ultrafine air classifier
  • Picojet based upon the well know AFG opposed jet mill with integral classifier for ultrafine grinding
  • Piconizer a spiral jet mill based on the AS spiral jet mill product line
  • Picocross a pin mill. The design and principle of operation are largely identical with that of Alpine’s Contraplex impact mill
  • Picoliq a wet agitated media mill based on the Alpine AHM product line
  • Picobond a high energy mixer. The design and principle of operation are almost identical to that of the Micron Nobilta product line
  • Picomix a high performance batch mixer for dry powders
  • Can all be fitted into the same compact operating housing or platform
  • Transportable and suitable for use in fume cupboard or compact isolator
  • Capable of processing from 1gram up to several hundred grams
  • Touch panel control, easy read data display

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