Multi-Processing System


Product Description

The Multi Processing System incorporates 4 processes within one compact small scale system.

This compact processor is very versatile and enables the production of ultrafine materials to closely sized particle ranges. The unit can be used as a laboratory system or pilot plant and even a small scale production unit processing several kilos per hour. The ZPS version is well known in the powder coatings field.

The Multi-processing system meets the challenges associated with the development of new products whose grinding properties cannot always be predicted in advance with maximum operational flexibility.

Multi-processing systems have established themselves as veritable all-rounders: it takes only a few minutes to exchange the various modules.

The Pharma/GMP design with smooth surfaces and no dead spaces simplifies thorough emptying, cleaning and sterilisation. The system can be dismantled and all product-contact components can be sterilised in an autoclave. An SIP design is also available. All product-contact surfaces of multi-processing systems are made of rust- and acid-proof stainless steel.

Typical Applications

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Excipients, Nutraceutical and Homeopathic products, Lactose, Cell Culture Media, Inhalants, Hormones, Proteins, Cellulose, Dental Compounds, Amoxicillin.

4 processes in 1 machine

  • Opposed jet milling with the 100 AFG for materials up to Mohs’ hardness 10. Fineness 2 µm to 40 µm.
  • Impact milling and classifying with the 50 ZPS for materials up to Mohs’ hardness 3.5. Fineness 8 µm to 120 µm.
  • Fine classifying with the 50 ATP for materials up to Mohs’ hardness 10. Cut point range from 2 µm to 120 µm.
  • Ultrafine comminution with the 100 AS in the superfine range 5 µm to 30 µm.

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