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Product Description

The Nobilta™ is a multi-functional processing unit for high speed, precision, powder mixing, particle surface modification and shape enhancement. Particles are combined into composite materials in a dry process without the use of a binder by applying mechanical force.

  • Processing of a wide range of powders from nano to micron size
  • Compact design; high energy efficiency
  • Particle design and particle treatment in nano range
  • Ideal for processing heat sensitive, sticky and abrasive materials

Composing – Nano-scaled particles are permanently fused onto the surface of micron-scaled particles without binders, combining material properties of different particles into one particle to enhance chemical reaction, flowability, heat resistance, electric performance  and solubility.

Precision Mix (Dispersion) – enabling distributive and dispersive mixing in one apparatus to improve colour, tone, reactivity, calcinations ability and mechanical intensity.

Shape enhancement (Sphericalization) – Improving round shape and reducing BET surface area for enhanced flowability and packing density.

Typically used for high value materials and products such as toner, pharmaceuticals and fine ceramics the Nobilta™ has become established as a recognised route for applications across a range of industries.

Typical Applications:

  • Energy Storage: Improve packing density and sintering ability for secondary batteries. Improve capability of fuel cells
  • Copy & Photos: Improved flowability of Toner; surface modification of carrier particles
  • Pigments: Improve colour tone by high dispersion
  • Pharmaceuticals: Particle design for Drug Delivery System (control solubility, high dissolution), improve colour tone
  • Chemicals: Design of functional resin (nano filler + resin etc) and high performance catalysts
  • Cosmetics: Controlled refraction; improved flowability by surface modification
  • Architecture: High resistance to environment, high temperature resistance and high intensity material, gradient functional composite
  • Environment: Improvement of catalytic performance, effective high temperature treatment and high stability to environment

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  • Equipped with water cooled jacket for even operating temperatures
  • Easy to dismantle for inspection, maintenance and cleaning



  • Hard faced and ceramic lined components