Flexible Compact Isolator

a photo of a Flexible Compact Isolator

Product Description

Containment levels <1µg/m3

A cost effective, modular, barrier containment solution which can easily be transported to where it is needed. Simply ‘plug and play’.

Use the Flexible Compact Isolator (FCI) as a single work station or join to other units to create a complex, multi-cell solution with individual activities contained within each unit. Ideal for those engaged in scientific research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical applications for laboratory analysis, micronising, drying, product transfer and sampling of high potency compounds.

The Flexible Compact Isolator offers a cost effective option for companies where handling of powders is infrequent or when investment in a dedicated static isolator is not appropriate.

Sizes from 1m x 0.5m footprint

Bench top or free standing

Stainless steel base

Canopy options: rigid acrylic, PVC flexible, disposable bag

Flexible glove port configuration


  •  CIP
  • Optional air handling system
  • Nitrogen inertion