Filling & Weighing System

Photograph of a Hosokawa Micron filling and weighing machine`

Product Description

The volumetric filling systems from Hosokawa Micron Ltd maintain the highest standards of hygiene, dust control, and product integrity.

The Stott filling and weighing system delivers stable and repeatable weight readings with accuracies as high as +/- 0.10g, which makes meeting exact product weight specifications simple.

All our volumetric filling machines are available as suitable for hazardous areas, and for increased containment levels up to OEB 5 and where containment of powder is required, can be integrated into laminar flow booths, downflow booths, or isolator systems, to protect operators from potentially harmful dust exposure.

Hosokawa’s weighing and filling machines all incorporate internal filter and purge facilities. The internal filter reduces any product loss to the system and protects the larger HEPA filters.

Typical Weighing and Filling Machine Applications:

  • Dryer pack-off
  • Reactor discharging
  • Mill/Filter discharging
  • Re-packaging into larger/smaller packages
  • Flexible systems allow drum, boxes, FIBCs and IBCs

We are also increasingly developing filling systems that offer the pack-off flexibility of filling a range of containers, including charge bottles, drums without liners, or drums with single or continuous liners.

Hosokawa Micron Ltd’s Stott Hygienic Filling and Weighing systems incorporate the Stott patented inflatable packing heads, integrated weigh platform and combined pinch valve to provide automatic control of bulk and dribble modes.


  • Compliant cGMP inward sealing head
  • Single liner systems
  • Continuous liner systems
  • Gravity or motorised roller track section to assist entry and exit of filled containers
  • Integrated electrical and pneumatic controls for stand-alone systems
  • Inert gas purge system
  • Manual or pneumatic platform height adjustment
  • Hazardous area controls
  • Printer
  • CIP systems
  • Base Vibration
  • Product sampler
  • Interchangeable packing heads
  • Inflateable seal available as silicone/EPDM
  • All systems available in choice of materials being mild steel painted, 304/316L or Hasteloy

Besides traditional Stott outward inflating and downward sealing packing heads, Hosokawa can offer a compact inward sealer of which is the latest cGMP design; as the seal does not come into contact with the product.


The primary containment within the Filling system is the compact sealing head integrated into internal extraction and purge facility


Inflatable seal change out less than 1 minute