a photo of a Extructor

Product Description

The Hosokawa Micron Extructor is similar in operation to the Prebreaker but with a shorter barrel the Extructor has fewer hammers and anvils.

  • Robust construction able to withstands shock loads
  • No product bruising
  • No need for band sawing; no need to thaw blocks; consequently no fluid loss
  • Control of particle size
  • Low maintenance, no knives to sharpen

The Extructor hammers are of the forward progressing type and the anvils are smaller, minimising bruising and degradation of materials. The throughput is high relative to power consumption. A choice of orifice plates controls final size reduction.

Typical Applications:

  • Frozen blocks of fish, fruit, meat
  • Frozen Liquid Blocks – Primary Pharmaceuticals
  • Scrap Bar Soap
  • Butter  and Cheese
  • Polymer Gel

See leaflet for further applications

Extructor image

Hosokawa tables_extructor