Drum Handling Equipment

a photo of a Contained Drum Tipper

Product Description

Our range of automatic and manual tipping equipment is designed to handle drums and kegs for safe product transfer. Drum tipping equipment can be integrated with downflow booths, laminar flow booths or be free-standing. Additionally, they can incorporate glovebox facilities and HEPA safe-change filters.

Designed to minimise the amount of manual handling which occurs, our drum handling equipment is suitable for fibreboard kegs, plastic drums, and steel drums up to 200ltr and 250kg. They are manufactured to conform to current COSHH and manual handling regulations.
All our drum handling units are individually designed bespoke to meet customer requirements.

Typical Applications of Drum Handling Equipment:

  • Discharge into hopper, isolator or directly into process vessel
  • Designed to keep dust creation to a minimum
  • Rotation by intrinsically safe air motor or manually
  • Special container clamps suitable to handle a range of weights/sizes
  • Integration of product control valves

Options:  Operation interlock to client’s process management systems

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