Air Jet Sieve e200LS

a photo of a e 200 LS Air jet sieve

Product Description

The Alpine Air Jet Sieve is a particle size analyser which has been recognised as the technology standard in particle size analysis.

It is used for determining the particle size distribution of dry, powdery materials in the range of 25µm to 2000µm.

The simplicity of operation of the Alpine Air Jet Sieve, and technological advances including the integration of a mini computer minimises errors for greater reliability and maintains this product as a market leader. The sieve boasts an innovative HD 6.4in TFT touch screen and the menu is intuitive, making the sieve very easy to operate. It also offers individual language selection.

All the information provided by the particle analyser is easy to understand, including system data and settings. It can be connected to a laboratory balance via USB and Ethernet, and the software is easy and flexible when it comes to upgrades.

Samples between 0.3 and 100 grams can be analysed easily and quickly. The batch weight is dependent on the sieve mesh width and material density, and the sieve offers fully automatic identification of the test sieve mesh widths.

The exceptional dispersion of the material being analysed by the nozzle jet permits analysis down to 10 µm with the micro-precision sieves.

Typical Applications of a Particle Size Analyser:

  • Comparison analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Integrated computer controlled sieving process

Three software packages tailored to cover all analysis demands and with one aim – the highest possible utility value as a result of the demand-oriented range of functions.

  • eControl Ultimate – the last word in air jet sieving
  • eControl Professional – for everyday routine laboratory tasks
  • eControl Basic – the first choice for production and fast individual analyses

Even if you decide on the basic software package: our special software upgrades allow you to extend the range of functions of your package at any time.