Active Freeze Drying

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Product Description

A quicker and less labour intensive freeze drying process with the potential to produce a fine loose powder of even the most sensitive and precious products without changing the product structure.

Less labour intensive than the traditional tray freeze drying process this new technology produces product with an amorphous-like structure with better redispersibility and free-flowing properties. The particle size of the final product is often extremely fine and uniform.

  • Short drying time
  • Single stage production in one compact vessel
  • Minimal product handling, less risk of contamination
  • Continuous operation as required
  • Easy, direct product collection

Hosokawa Micron’s stirred freeze drying technology incorporates the use of a jacketed and stirred Vrieco-Nauta conical vacuum dryer operated at low temperature and pressure to produce lump free, free flowing product.

Free dryer diagramThe Active Freeze Dryer consists of a specially designed drying chamber and collection filter. In the chamber the material to be dried is frozen very quickly with the aid of a freezing medium. During the subsequent sublimation the heat is applied throughout the jacket and efficiently distributed throughout the product by the stirrer. The initially coarse granules will gradually reduce in size due to the sublimation of the connecting ice structure between the frozen material. The released dried particles will make up a loose powder moving to the filter.

Typical Applications:

  • Pharmaceuticals: antibiotics, proteins, collagens, APIs and electrolytes
  • Foods: herbal extracts, milk derivatives, enzymes, broth extracts, vegetables, lipids, insects, flavours, fibres, proteins and soups.
  • Nanomaterials
  • Polymers
  • Ceramics
  • Catalysts
  • Glass powder

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