Remote Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance

Posted by Hosokawa Micron | March 5th, 2015

If you knew when your plant was going to fail…you’d do something to prevent it…right?

Hosokawa Micron Ltd’s Machine to Machine (M2M), Remote Equipment Monitoring Solution makes it easy to diagnose impending equipment failure, schedule regular and appropriate levels of maintenance and minimise risk of non-planned production downtime.

Utilising affordable 24/7 remote monitoring equipment, we can detect developing equipment problems by tracking key variables and expected values for different products under different equipment operating conditions. Possible problems are flagged to site users or Hosokawa Micron technical support engineers by smart phone app for further investigation and recommendations.

‘This technology and the engineering and processing skills we can offer customers for improving production are relevant to both Hosokawa equipment and that of other OEMs. The expected customer benefits from improved remote condition monitoring and technical support are faster resolution of problems, decreased equipment downtime and more efficient operation of the plant and equipment,’ explains Iain Crosley, Managing Director, Hosokawa Micron Ltd.

Hosokawa Micron Ltd can offer a worldwide remote monitoring service – so whether your plant is located in UK, USA, SE Asia or anywhere else in the world, Hosokawa Micron Ltd’s, centralised, Remote Monitoring Service can assess the condition of either key equipment units or the whole plant.

Remote Monitoring Service offers a range of benefits including:

  • 24/7 monitoring that is not reliant on your personnel
  • Secure access using mobile phone and tablet devices
  • Global access to reports and recommendations
  • Expert support services from Hosokawa Micron engineers

Hosokawa Micron has installed the Remote Monitoring system at their Toll Processing facility in Runcorn, UK Materials which means processors and manufacturers can now see for themselves how the system can improve the performance of plant and operations by viewing on-line the real time displays, alarms and guided workflows for diagnosing and troubleshooting the potential equipment failure.

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