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The Hosokawa Powder Technology Research Institute (HPTRI) was founded in 1958 with a vision that differed from the traditional research departments of major companies at the time.

While their main target was new product development, the ethos of HPTRI was contributing to the development of powder and particle technology through R&D works.

The focus on innovative research into powder technology remains as we seek solutions to meet the increased demands of the market for higher quality powder processing in the fields of secondary battery, materials for electronic devices, toner, energy, environment, medicine and functional foods.

powder and particle technology Laborgeraeteraum
At the heart of HPTRI is the R&D work that we undertake to develop advanced high-functional powder processing equipment and systems. We undertake R&D activities worldwide within each of the Hosokawa group companies with R&D themes discussed at the International R&D Meeting composed of the representatives of each member company.

HPTRI continues, as the R&D centre of the whole Hosokawa Micron Group, uniting group companies and creating new technologies and products to meet customer needs for ‘future technology’.